In recent years, business performance management has become a well-worn phrase as firms such as Hyperion, Oracle and SAP have rolled out software packages that promise to link all enterprise performance management information of a company, from back office to front office. The ever-expanding global economy has increased individual companies' business volatility, risk and complexity, increasing the need to provide the right support for management decision making.

Business volatilities/risks in the business environment

Many firms struggle with a critical element of business performance management which is key for succeeding in the new economy: the ability to plan for and react timely to the volatile business environment. This ranges from skills needed to establish effective linkage between the company's strategies and the critical success factors that must be planned for in the budget, to effective forecasting that allows management to anticipate and respond to the evolving change in their markets.

Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

Armed with proven strategies for success, derived from The Hackett Group's proprietary benchmark database and research and translated into sound business best practices, our advisors are able to help organizations identify the correct KPIs, establish the most effective planning and performance management processes and effectively deploy the correct technology. This approach allows executives to focus on the right business performance management elements, basing their key decision making on the right information and not on data collection, reconciliation and guess work.

Our enterprise performance management solutions span the entire life cycle – from strategy and process improvement to the right enabling technology through efficient ongoing application management support. With capabilities, resources and an approach centered on adopting world-class business practices, particularly with Oracle implementation and SAP implementation solutions, The Hackett Group delivers superior:

  • Executive advisory
  • Process benchmarking
  • Process transformation
  • Technology enablement
  • Application managed services

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