Hackett provides senior Human Resources (HR) executives with objective benchmarking, transformation, HR strategy and executive advisory services that enable an evaluation of the HR function's performance, insights into proven and leading business best practices, as well as the design and implementation of client-centric transformation solutions.

These services include:

  • Business process redesign
  • Business process sourcing/globalization strategy
  • System rationalization and implementation

Talent Management

Hackett has conducted research which has found a strong correlation between talent management performance and a company's bottom line financial results. Our team advises HR functional leaders on what the top performing organizations are doing in this area and how client organizations compare on key HR metrics, helping the HR function to implement the appropriate HR strategy to drive talent management across the organization. By leveraging Hackett's data-driven insights, they advise clients on key HR metrics they need to monitor and on actions needed to become a top performer in talent management.

HR Strategy and Execution

Hackett helps HR executives understand the secrets to world-class HR performance and provides advice on selecting the right HR metrics and developing a sound HR strategy by shedding light on how world-class HR functions provide higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness at a lower cost. Working collaboratively, our team uses a data-driven framework to assist the decision-making process in the areas of talent management, organizational design, business process improvement and shared service delivery model design and implementation. Hackett helps HR shape the future state of its shared service delivery model by providing HR strategies and insights based on the practices of world-class HR organizations.

HR Technology

Leveraging the data-driven insights from our proprietary database, Hackett advises clients on the ways that world-class HR organizations leverage technology to improve performance to world-class levels. Our team assesses how a client's technology investment and use of self-services compares with world-class HR organizations and assists companies in the steps needed to integrate business best practices within client ERP systems.

HR Thought Leadership

Hackett assists organizations on shaping the future of the HR function by using their unique position in working with World-class HR organizations to identify the key HR metrics, the leading business best practices, HR strategies and trends which are evolving and emerging to allow the top performers to continually improve their effectiveness and efficiency. Hackett team members share what HR organizations need to do to become world-class.

Organizational alignment for delivery

Hackett helps HR leaders to understand the implications of the different business operating models available to implement a more effective and efficient delivery model Human Resources function. Whether it be the implementation or increased leverage of its Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or whether to develop its own shared services capability, or whether to develop joint initiatives with Finance or other functions to improve delivery effectiveness through significant cost reductions, our team is there to help HR executives through this challenging journey.

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Performance Studies

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Understand how your HR organization compares to top performers on key HR metrics. Periodically, The Hackett Group carries out open performance studies, collecting data around staffing, costs, transactional volumes and best practices utilization for each process.

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Research Available from The Hackett Group

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Case Studies

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