The Hackett Difference

While business process outsourcing can deliver significant benefits in efficiency and cost reduction, there can also be challenges and pitfalls associated with outsourcing. For enterprises considering outsourcing, partnering with the right outsourcing consulting firm can help to ensure that they yield the desired benefits. The Hackett Group, a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, offers advanced outsourcing consulting services that set us apart from conventional sourcing advisors. Unlike traditional sourcing advisors that focus on optimizing the best price for the "deal", Hackett's outsourcing consulting team focuses on optimizing process performance for the client and achieving the optimum solution that balances ROI, speed to benefits and risk mitigation. Our approach is predicated around the development of long term business process outsourcing service provider relationships to assist the client in their journey to world-class performance.

Traditional Sourcing Advisors
The Hackett Group
  • Optimize the "Deal"
  • Achieve best T&C and pricing
  • Compliance with disciplined procurement process
  • Optimize performance process
  • Achieve best solutions that balance ROI, speed to benefits and risk migration
Sourcing Advisory Team Value Differentiation
  • Primary facilitate a highly disciplined "procurement process"
  • Functional and transformational expertise is delivered via SME
  • Facilitate the development of the optimal outsourcing solution jointly with the client and service provider
  • The optimum combination of deep functional, transformation, and sourcing expertise
RFP Process
  • Detailed and systematic
  • Focused on getting "apples to apples" comparisons of bids
  • Flexible and rapid
  • Focused on quickly driving innovative solutions
  • Collaborative workshops with providers to flush out innovative solutions to support both "Lift and Shift" and subsequent process transformation
  • Utilize significant database of T&C's and pricing from previous contracts
  • Significant reliance on "Mark to Market" studies
  • Utilize Hackett's industry leading functional benchmarking to drive sourcing strategy and measure subsequent benefits
  • Leverage Hackett's BPI database in collaborative workshops with providers to define desired future state
  • Utilize Hackett's Globalization database to forecast pricing
  • Independent contractors
  • Compensation model drives desire to maximize billings
  • Project focus
  • Employee model
  • Focus is on building term relationships
  • Multiple recurring revenue streams

Over the past decade, traditional outsourcing consultants have utilized a "procurement focused" request for proposal (RFP) approach to assist their clients in the evaluation, selection and contracting for business process outsourcing services (BPO) with a BPO service provider. These methodologies delivered a systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation and selection of BPO service providers. However, these methodologies were borrowed from the IT outsourcing sector which are poorly suited to the less mature markets for finance outsourcing, HR outsourcing, and procurement outsourcing. By contrast, The Hackett Group's outsourcing consulting deploys a flexible RFP process that aims to quickly drive innovative solutions, in collaboration with providers.

Outsourcing consulting services like accounting and finance outsourcing, (FAO) and HR outsourcing, (HRO) are unique and their maturity in the market is low. Rigid RFP processes that commoditize finance outsourcing and HR outsourcing services and focus strictly on cost will sub-optimize performance and lead to service delivery problems. Further, in many projects, these mechanical RFP processes dragged on for extended periods of time to the expense of the clients and the BPO service providers.