Our Business Intelligence Services have been designed to help organizations with the overwhelming amount of data that their departments produce and receive every day. We help companies present relevant business and performance data to the right people as soon as they request it.

Our Best Practices Implementation (BPI) approach allows us to utilize an extensive repository of tools that integrate Hackett best practices into the implementation of analytical and performance management applications, data warehousing and data smart design and integration and the support of information delivery management systems. These application-specific tools include implementation and configuration guides, process flows and fit/gap requirement matrices.

Business data warehousing

Our Business Data Warehousing Services are designed to bring together this data from multiple sources and deliver it to large audiences of end-users. We use The Hackett Group best practices, to examine the selection and implementation of data warehousing tools and designs and the processes that surround the gathering, integration, transmission and management of data.

Utilizing data better

Hackett Technology Services helps clients generate more value from the data in their information systems, because of our knowledge of best practices in functional areas such as Finance, HR and Procurement. Our approach maps world-class business performance characteristics to specific tools and requirements for key processes and modules, including:

Data warehousing and data mart design

  • Work with the technology team to develop the company vision for data warehouse and data mart design
  • Utilize warehouse design tools to create and map models that are conceptual, logical and physical data representations of the needs of the organization
  • Examine the data acquisition process that includes sourcing, cleansing, transforming and the aggregating of data through the use of technology tools
  • Implement delivery applications, such as data mining and analytic tools that allow users to access warehouse data and optimize supply chain, campaign management, billing and industry-specific processes

Data integration and consolidation

  • Identify the structures, processes and tools that are needed to make diverse application systems work together to deliver accurate, consistent and reliable data to the appropriate group or end-user
  • Integrate data from a variety of sources, such as legacy systems, operational back-offices and data warehouses
  • Consolidate internal and external sources of data according to best practices in order to streamline data flow and storage
  • Assist in the management and corporate governance of data sources

ERP optimization

Hackett Technology Solutions can help clients generate more value from their information systems, because of our knowledge of best practices in functional areas, such as finance, HR and procurement. Our approach maps world-class business performance characteristics to specific ERP systems, analytic tools and key processes and modules, including infrastructure design and roll out and information deployment.