To reach world-class performance and realize greater return from their Oracle EPM/Hyperion investments, top companies implement business best practices in conjunction with their technology initiatives. With the latest Oracle Enterprise Performance Management/Hyperion releases offering broad compliance with Hackett best practices, your organization can start realizing the benefits of significant cost reduction and performance improvements in the very near term.

Process improvements utilizing best practices standards

As today's business applications are flexible, it's imperative to tackle process improvement projects, to simplify and automate processes to meet best practice standards before new technology implementations and upgrades are completed. Otherwise, old, inefficient processes will simply be automated and continue to drive up costs, cycle times and error rates. Our specialists have completed detailed fit-gap analyses of all Oracle Enterprise Performance Management/Hyperion modules and understand their ability to support business best practices. We have developed application-specific tools, implementation guides and process flows that allow us to configure best practices directly into Oracle EPM/Hyperion applications without customization.

Generating value

Hackett Technology Solutions can help clients generate more value from Oracle Enterprise Performance Management/Hyperion software, because of our knowledge of best practices in financial planning, budgeting, reporting, scorecarding and infrastructure services. Our approach maps world-class business performance characteristics to specific application features and requirements for key processes and modules, including:

  • Modeling profitability drivers to better allocate resources across customer segments, products and projects
  • Delivering business-critical information and not just raw data to financial decision-makers
  • Leveraging data from existing transactional systems and delivering it to the company's knowledge workers, developers and analysts
  • Centralizing and integrating business intelligence platforms

Hackett Technology Solutions offers a complete set of implementation services centered on deploying enterprise performance management solutions like Oracle EPM/Hyperion that meets the unique requirements of your business environment and industry. Our enterprise performance management specialists provide the framework and guidance necessary to perform the following services for a Hyperion application:

Diagnostic assessment

  • Gap analysis of where you are with your systems/operations and where you would like to be in the short and long term
  • Interaction with your technology team to develop the company vision for business performance management
  • Development of a roadmap and business case for improvement by applying best practices

Business transformation

  • Detailed business benchmarking: processes, organization, information and technology that pertain to the designated functional areas
  • Written details on the requirements and actions that need to be taken to improve performance and reduce costs by applying best practices

Analytic and development tool implementation

  • Implement Oracle EPM/Hyperion applications that will leverage common tools such as workflow, modeling, reporting and OLAP within and across business management applications that support all aspects of business performance management in accordance to best practices
  • Configure procedures and processes in order to assist end-users through the process of accessing, analyzing, sharing and acting on data
  • Apply Oracle Enterprise Performance Management/Hyperion tools to tasks such as planning, budgeting, forecasting, scorecarding, consolidation and reporting

Business analytics implementation

  • Implement reporting applications in accordance with business best practices that allow you to create, modify and distribute any report that your company requires, particularly as it relates to financial planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Integrate reporting software tools within existing databases, platforms and enterprise applications in order to seamlessly extract data for processing of reports

Oracle EPM/Hyperion Software

Hackett Technology Solutions are specialists at providing low-cost, on-time delivery and implementation of Hyperion solutions and excel at helping mid-market companies get the highest return from the industry and process functionality of Hyperion applications.

Our Oracle EPM/Hyperion Analytics Practice is a Certified Advantage Partner and has been consistently recognized by Oracle/Hyperion for the outstanding level of service that we provide. Services include:

  • Clear demonstrations of Oracle EPM/Hyperion software and the value propositions
  • Analysis of your existing business processes
  • Business case development for package selection
  • Guidance on selecting an implementation partner and defining project scope
  • Post-sale support as needed during implementation

We can support a full range of Oracle EPM/Hyperion - related services including implementation, best practices optimization and upgrade support.

As powerful as Oracle EPM/Hyperion solutions are, we know that software alone is not enough to transform your business into a world-class performer. We help our clients generate exceptional value from their Oracle EPM/Hyperion investment through our unparalleled knowledge of best practices in finance, budgeting and planning, forecasting and reporting.