2024 HR Agenda: Top Priorities and Challenges

We invite you to participate in The Hackett Group’s 2024 HR Agenda Study, focused on understanding the top priorities, goals, and strategies for HR in the upcoming year.

Share your own perspectives and in return learn:

  • The driving business trends and strategic priorities of the enterprise expected to shape the HR agenda in 2024
  • 2024 key HR priorities, plans and challenges
  • Projected changes in HR workloads, staffing levels, operating budgets and technology spending
  • Must-do HR improvement initiatives for enabling success in 2024
  • The latest trends and forecasts for HR technology, including Generative AI

This survey is divided into three sections – HR function specific, enterprise-level and demographic questions. The estimated time to complete is 20 to 30 minutes.

Participation Bonus

Study participants will receive the full research report with composite results and an exclusive invitation to a webcast that will discuss important findings from the research.

Data Privacy

Please be assured that your responses will remain completely confidential and reported in the aggregate only.

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