November 30, 2006

Answerthink Announces Plans to Support Hyperion® System™ 9 Smart Space™

Answerthink Sees Value of Smart Space To Expand the Reach of Hyperion System 9 to All Knowledge Workers

MIAMI, November 30, 2006 - Answerthink, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSR), today announced plans to support Hyperion System 9 Smart Space from Hyperion (NASDAQ Global Select: HYSL), the global leader in Business Performance Management (BPM) software.

Smart Space, which was announced today by Hyperion, is a unique composite application environment that will have the potential to deliver "always-on" Business Intelligence (BI) to every user in the enterprise, utilizing the Microsoft Windows desktop. As a member of Hyperion's developer community of partners, Answerthink is making BI a relevant, interactive and intuitive part of every users' workday.

Answerthink is a strategic business advisory and technology consulting firm that enables companies to achieve world-class business performance.

"With Smart Space, Hyperion is once again demonstrating its leadership in business performance management," said Answerthink Managing Director, Hyperion Practice Gerry Villamil. "Culling insights from the flood of data that most companies generate daily is no easy task. When you fail, you can face some very unpleasant surprises. But the right analysis and reporting tools, like Hyperion System 9 Smart Space, can make a tremendous difference. Used properly, tools like Smart Space can enable companies to see problems when they can be easily addressed and identify opportunities while they can still be capitalized on.

"One key strategy used by companies that are top performers in business performance management is to provide improved access to analytical tools, and make it easier for people to get the information they need when they need it," said Villamil. "Clearly, Smart Space can help do this. By making it simpler for clients to put analysis tools on the desktop of a larger group of staff, Smart Space can help companies move from 'planning to plan' to 'planning to win.'"

According to Rich Clayton, vice president of product marketing at Hyperion, "Hyperion's partners, including Answerthink, are eager to add value to Smart Space and make BI a useful part of every business professional's workday. We're pleased to have our vision and technology leadership embraced by so many innovative companies that will help us achieve true information democracy."

About Answerthink

Answerthink, Inc. ( is a leading business and technology consulting firm that enables companies to achieve world-class business performance. By leveraging the comprehensive database of The Hackett Group, Answerthink's business and technology solutions help clients significantly improve performance and maximize returns on technology investments. Answerthink's capabilities include benchmarking, business transformation, business applications, business intelligence, and offshore application development and support. Founded in 1997, Answerthink has offices throughout the United States and in Europe and India.


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