February 14, 2007

REL Announces Expanded Focus on Cash Flow; Evolves Brand Strategy

ATLANTA, February 14, 2007 - Professional services firm REL has announced that it is formally expanding its consulting capabilities beyond working capital management to include a more comprehensive approach to help companies deliver cash flow improvements. In combination with this new positioning, REL has formally introduced a new brand identity - REL, Cash Flow Delivered. This expanded focus comes after the first year of integration with REL's sister company, The Hackett Group, a strategic advisory firm. Both companies are part of Answerthink, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSR).

According to Answerthink Chairman and CEO Ted A. Fernandez, "Our expanded focus on cash flow is a result of the significantly greater value we have seen delivered to REL clients over and above the working capital improvements for which REL is known. While REL will continue to be the leading choice for complex, global organizations in need of working capital transformation, we will now actively market our proven ability to have a much greater impact on cash flow performance. This logical expansion of focus will also help increase the leverage and integration of Hackett and REL intellectual property and capabilities. Our goal is to maximize the value our clients have already begun to receive from the synergies and alignment of complimentary Hackett and REL services that address the Customer-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay, and Forecast-to-Fulfill process areas."

Over its 32 year history, REL has claimed hundreds of the world's top companies as clients. Recently, REL has expanded its reach with long-time clients beyond working capital improvement (the optimization of payables, inventory and receivables) to more strategic advice addressing cash flow. REL's updated stance on cash is aimed at addressing the greater emphasis that both the analyst community and companies' Boards of Directors are placing on free cash flow as a key, value-based metric.

According to REL President, Stephen Payne, "Our expanded focus on delivering increased levels of cash flow is a natural evolution of REL's capabilities. This broader perspective ensures that the right balance of consideration is applied to strategic decisions that often benefit the P&L to the detriment of the balance sheet. Our experience in helping clients review their business model and establish the proper trade-offs balancing service performance, operating costs, and risk across the key working capital processes gives us a unique perspective in the marketplace.

"REL is still focused on delivering significant improvements in working capital," explained Mr. Payne. "Yet we do so in the context of more strategic capabilities: supporting future revenue growth through increased customer service and establishing lower operating costs through improved process efficiency. REL's goal is to deliver greater levels of free cash flow so that companies have the financial freedom to make and fund strategic choices, whether that is to pay down debt, fund pension liabilities, or invest in new products and markets, all with the eye on creating shareholder value."

In addition to its traditional transformation consulting offerings, REL offers ongoing research and expert insights through advisory and benchmark offerings provided in partnership with The Hackett Group, REL's sister organization under the Answerthink corporate umbrella.

More information about REL can be found at www.relconsultancy.com

About REL

REL is a world leading consulting firm dedicated to delivering sustainable cash flow improvement across business operations. REL's tailored solutions balance client trade-offs between working capital, operating costs and service performance. REL's expertise has helped clients free up billions of dollars/euros/pounds in cash, creating the financial freedom to fund acquisitions, pension liabilities, product development, debt reduction and share buy-back programs. In-depth process expertise, analytical rigor, and collaborative client relationships enable REL to deliver an exceptional return on investment in a short timeframe. REL has delivered work in over 60 countries for the Global 2000.

About The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group, a strategic advisory firm (www.thehackettgroup.com), is a global leader in best practice research, benchmarking, and business transformation services that enable world-class performance across selling, general & administrative (SG&A) and supply chain activities. Hackett provides strategic insight, best practice advice and implementation services grounded in performance metrics obtained through 15 years and 3,500 benchmark studies at 2,100 of the world's leading companies. Through its sister company REL, a world leader in implementing cash flow improvement, Hackett also offers tailored solutions that generate cash flow from operations in addition to process cost savings.

About Answerthink

Answerthink, Inc. (www.answerthink.com) is a leading business and technology consulting firm that enables companies to achieve world-class business performance. By leveraging the comprehensive database of The Hackett Group, Answerthink's business and technology solutions help clients significantly improve performance and maximize returns on technology investments. Answerthink's capabilities include benchmarking, business transformation, business applications, business intelligence, and offshore application development and support. Founded in 1997, Answerthink has offices throughout the United States and in Europe and India.

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