April 3, 2008

The Hackett Group to Preview 2008 SG&A Research Findings At 18th Annual Best Practices Conference

"20/20 Vision: Are You on the Right Path to World-Class" Also Features Executive Presentations from Alcoa, Caterpillar, Corning, and Others

ATLANTA & LONDON, April 3, 2008 - The Hackett Group, a global strategic advisory firm (NASDAQ: HCKT), announced today that it will preview findings from its 2008 Book of Numbers™ research at its 18th Annual Best Practices Conference, "20/20 Vision: Are You on the Right Path to World-Class?" at the InterContinental Hotel in Atlanta April 24 and 25.

The research, which quantifies spending, staffing, economic return, and other key efficiency and effectiveness metrics of world-class performance in finance, IT, HR, procurement and other Selling, General, & Administrative (SG&A) areas, will be one of several conference highlights. The two-day invitation-only event will also feature presentations by senior executives from more than 20 of the world's most successful companies, including Alcoa, Caterpillar, Corning, Hewlett-Packard, and Phillips.

"Our annual Best Practices conference has always offered strong perspectives on the best practices of top performers. Speakers from the world's largest and most successful companies talk about their efforts-what's worked, what hasn't," explained Hackett President Wayne Mincey.

"The current economic uncertainty has many companies considering some tough choices, and it's easy in an environment like this to fall back on short-term thinking," said Mr.Mincey. "But the best companies have always been looking out five years into the future, charting a course in finance, IT, and other key back office areas that supports their larger business strategy. Companies with staying power are the ones that have built strong and flexible infrastructures that enable them to predict and respond to shifts in demand and changes in the marketplace. That's the perspective we want to encourage with this year's conference."

The following executives are currently scheduled to present:

Alcoa, Inc. - William O'Rourke, Vice President Global Business Services
Exceeding Alcoa's Vision for Global Business Services

Alltel Inc. - CJ Duvall, Executive Vice President Human Resources
Generating Business Value by Monetizing HR

Applied Materials - Juan Rodriguez, Senior Director of Global Shared Services Operations
The Hackett Group - Julio Ramirez, Managing Director
The Quest to Achieve World-Class Performance through Globalization

Canon-Europe - Jean-Louis Gregoire, Chief of Strategy
Constellation Energy Group, Inc. - Follin Smith, former Executive Vice President & CFO
Freescale Semiconductor - Samuel Coursen, Vice President & CIO
MDS Inc. - James Reid, Executive Vice President Global Human Resources
Addressing the Top C-Suite Issues

Caterpillar, Inc. - Sid Banwart, Vice President, Human Services
Creating Business Value by Managing Healthcare

Centrica plc - Matthew Idle, Head of Credit Operations
Improving Operational Performance While Reducing Costs via Outsourcing

Dow Chemical Company - Mack Murrell, Vice President Information Systems
Driving IT Value Across the Enterprise

Corning Incorporated - Thomas Blumer, Vice President Procurement & Transporation
Vision 2010 - Achieving Alignment and Delivering Sustainable Procurement Value

Dow Chemical Company - Timothy King, Vice President Global Purchasing
Procurement at Dow - Partnering for Success Internally and Externally

The Hackett Group - Wayne Mincey, President
World-Class Performance - What Separates the Winners and Losers, Today and Tomorrow

Hewlett-Packard Company - Michael Bordoni, Vice President Finance Strategy
Leveraging a Finance Transformation Strategy to Achieve World-Class

Juniper Networks, Inc. - Steven Rice, Executive Vice President Human Resources
Demonstrating a New Dimension in HR Value Delivery

MDS Inc. - Stephen DeFalco, President & CEO
Great People, Strong Development and a Performance- Driven Culture Can Make a Difference

NCR Corporation - Ivan Alvarez, Director of Strategy & Architecture
NCR's Multi-Path Journey to an Efficient Destination

Oracle Corporation - Jeffrey Henley, Chairman & former CFO
The Oracle Transformation: Enabling Growth and Globalization

Philips North America - James Schweizer, General Manager Shared Business Services
Value Creation in Finance Shared Services

Research in Motion - Robin Bienfait, Chief Information Officer
Leveraging a Customer-Centric IT Strategy

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation - Steven J. Klinger, President & COO
Sustaining Growth by Lowering Costs and Improving Performance

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