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How to drive sustainable cost optimization through benchmarking

Enterprise cost optimization should take the widest view possible of opportunities to improve operating cost structures. Many organizations start with their general and administrative (G&A) costs. By moving to world-class performance levels, the typical company can save up to $100 million across G&A and up to $43 million from finance alone.

Download our complimentary research paper and you will learn:

  • The quantified savings potential across G&A by business function
  • How early gains of 7% to 14% can free up resources to fund top-line growth initiatives or mid- and long-term performance improvements
  • The essentials for effective business benchmarking
  • How to gain ongoing cultural acceptance of continuous improvement initiatives within the finance organization

Learn the keys to world-class benchmarking, and learn how you can deliver greater performance management and leadership capabilities within finance while curtailing costs and improving top-line growth.