The GBS employee training you've been waiting for is finally here

Now more than ever, GBS (global business services) employees need knowledge-centric skills like strategic thinking and analysis, data modelling, and people management. And now, that training is here. The Hackett Group and CIMA have created the first Certified Global Business Services Professionals programme.


The programme features The Certificate in Global Business Services. Designed to accommodate different learning styles while maintaining the assessment rigor of a best practice qualification, it offers:

Once someone earns the certification, they gain lifetime access through subscription to the learning and knowledge portal – a great way for companies to develop and retain the best talent. Take the next step toward world-class GBS. Download the certificate's syllabus now.


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About The Hackett Group

The Hackett Group helps companies significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. We objectively measure business performance and provide fact-based transformation plans for achieving and sustaining world class, based on data and analysis from more than 13,000 benchmarks. For the typical Global 1000 company, this could mean as much $302 million in cost savings and more than $3.2 billion in working capital.

About Certified GBS Professionals

Certified GBS Professionals is a collaboration between The Hackett Group and CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. This unique partnership combines CIMA's certificated global professional development program capabilities with The Hackett Group's global business services (GBS) best practice intellectual property. The organization brings to market the first comprehensive talent management and certified professional development qualification program specifically tailored for GBS and shared services professionals. By working together, The Hackett Group and CIMA are addressing the need for GBS and shared services organizations to provide clear, consistent and structured professional certification and talent development programs based on best practices to grow the professional skills and knowledge needed to achieve and maintain world-class performance standards.

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