Enterprise Resource Planning

Realize greater value from your technology investments

Backed by our benchmarking data, we help clients generate more value from their information systems with our proven intellectual property in functional areas such as finance, human resources and procurement.

Assess readiness for cloud migration

World-class companies leverage the cloud to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, achieve growth and position themselves for the future. The Hackett Group's cloud migration assessment is a simple five-step process that will lead your strategic roadmap to the cloud.

Option One

100% migration success

Option Two

Begin your journey to the cloud

Option Three

Transition to a private cloud

Option Four

Maintain your on-premises application

Integrate Your Companies' Enterprise Data

World-class companies utilize ERP systems as data repositories to manage and gain insight into their day-to-day business activities. The results? Improved efficiency, increased collaboration, lower costs and better insight into your accounting, procurement, supply chain and project management activities.

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