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Digital Transformation in GBS: Can Your Talent Deliver on New Opportunities?

Create a Successful Global Business Services Talent Management Model for Your Organization

As digital transformation gains momentum within global business services (GBS) organizations, executives must manage the talent implications or risk losing some of the potential value of increasingly digital operations. The shift from transactional to more automated, analytical processes presents GBS organizations with the mandate – and opportunity – to develop a new talent management model, one that enables them to upgrade their services to better respond to changing business needs.

Download this article and learn more about GBS talent management in the digital era, including:

  • Key steps to transform talent management capabilities in the age of robotic process automation and other digital initiatives
  • Talent management best practices of successful GBS organizations
  • Actionable steps for building versatile knowledge workers
  • A three-layer model for developing a center of excellence in a GBS organization
  • Retaining critical skills in a time of transition
  • The three stages in the GBS Maturity Model