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New poll: How IT helps lead and prepare for a post-COVID-19 operating environment

In the past two months, best practices have emerged that will strengthen business resiliency and position organizations for success in the next normal, post-crisis environment. IT leaders see opportunities to accelerate transformation to agile architecture, intelligent automation and democratized data analytics. They are setting new rules for outsourcing and security and, helping rethink the purpose of offices.

Participants in this complimentary poll (less than 10 minutes to complete) will learn:

    • New practices: What new practices will be operationalized as recovery starts
    • Obstacles: Which factors hindered response the most
    • Impact: How IT’s agenda has been affected by the crisis
    • Priorities: IT priorities going forward
    • Changes: Anticipated post-crisis changes in business operating environment

What will you receive

In return for your participation, you will immediately receive an online downloadable report of consolidated results. A full report with more in-depth analysis will be sent to you in May.

Data Confidentiality

Please be assured that your response will remain confidential. If you have questions or would like more information about this poll, please contact Carrie Thomas.


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