Developing HR and Payroll Future Skills and Talent Poll

Continued business disruption and workplace transformation have exposed a pressing need to equip HR and Payroll staff with new skills to fulfill the needs of stakeholders operating in a volatile and uncertain environment. Over the past decade, HR and Payroll organizations have struggled to keep pace with demands for greater understanding of the business, increased reliance of technology and digital tools, and shifts in competencies and expertise. Today, HR and Payroll staff must be more proficient than ever in multiple business, technology and interpersonal skills as well as knowledgeable in a growing number of areas of expertise. Increasing the skills and talent of HR and Payroll organizations is an imperative that can no longer be neglected.

Participate in the Developing HR and Payroll Future Skills and Talent poll to learn:

  • What changes in the business and work environment are driving the need for new and better HR and Payroll skills
  • The “must-have” skills for HR and Payroll staff today and in the future
  • The most effective methods for developing these skills
  • Emerging best practices you should adopt
  • Strategies and tactics employed by top performing organizations

This study is intended for HR and Payroll executives with responsibility for, or knowledge of, their organizations’ skills needs and development strategies and practices. The poll should take only 5-7 minutes to complete! Please be assured that your responses will remain completely confidential. Respondents will receive a report of the complete aggregate findings.

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