Decoding HR Digital Transformation Performance

To meet increasing performance and service expectations, HR organizations must accelerate the transformation of their capabilities, service offerings, people and enabling technologies.

Participate in this study to learn:

  • The digital maturity of your HR organization compared to top performers
  • Keys to successful HR digital transformation experiences and what to avoid
  • Most implemented digital technologies to drive transformation
  • Business benefits realized and performance improvements achieved
  • Best practices for ensuring sustainable improvements
  • How Gen AI will reshape HR digital transformation strategies

By participating in this pivotal study, you will gain insights into the maturity of your HR digital capabilities, areas of greatest opportunity, and strategies and practices that can take your HR organization to the next level of performance.

Study Audience

This performance study is intended for HR executives with direct responsibility for, or knowledge of, their organization’s digital transformation strategies, initiatives and results achieved.

You Will Receive

Complete the entire study now and you will receive a detailed report comparing your responses to those of other participants, including top performers. If your organization has a Hackett Advisory membership, you will have an opportunity to receive a briefing with a Hackett senior advisor to review your individualized results.

Participation Time

We estimate that it will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete the study.

Confidentiality and Contact

All respondent and individual company information will remain completely confidential.

The Hackett Group’s Decoding HR Digital Transformation Study is open until July 31, 2024 at no cost to participants.