HR Technology Assessment Performance Study

Assessing Your HR Technology Platform

Advances in digital technology, a surge in new vendors and product and service offerings are all fueling a transformation of HR capabilities and services. Digital technology is becoming the platform where HR processes are executed, talent is developed and managed, workforce productivity is enabled, and human capital-based insights are harvested. With so much at stake, HR organizations must build solid technology foundations that are augmented by practical tools that drive efficient and effective service delivery, productive and impactful user experiences, and insightful decisions.

Take the HR Technology Heat Map Assessment which will provide an in-depth assessment of a participant’s HR technology, based on the following key dimensions:

  • Utilization – Level of adoption of the technology among the primary user base.
  • Process standardization – Degree to which processes and policies for primary systems are uniform across all users.
  • Integration – Degree to which data from upstream and downstream sources are integrated to deliver seamless processes and experiences.
  • User experience – Efficiency, ease of use and general aesthetics of HR technology interfaces.
  • Analytics and/or insight-generating capability – Degree to which the data from each technology is used for process analytics or to produce new insights about talent trends, employee behavior, sentiment, etc.
  • Fragmentation – Number of different systems delivering the same or similar functionality to different segments of the user population.

All study participants will receive an individualized, confidential HR technology assessment presented in the form of a “heat map,” highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses, alignment with priorities, and gaps in capabilities. Participants will also be sent the aggregate study results showing overall HR technology adoption trends, key obstacles, results achieved and best practices for leveraging HR technology.

Your responses will remain completely confidential. For more information about this performance study contact Tony DiRomualdo, the study director.

The Hackett Group’s HR Technology Assessment performance study is open until June 17, 2022, at no cost to participants.