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Building a Global Predictive Analytics Capability: A Quick Guide to Predictable Success

Transform your business into an insight-powered, agile enterprise

The untapped potential of predictive analytics is significant. Where value-based predictive analytics have been put to use on a localized basis, the result has been a measurable improvement in business predictability, profitability and cash-flow generation. This indicates wider use can yield even larger benefits.

This paper explores how companies can extract the full value of predictive analytics and evolve from experimenting with local use cases to developing a global capability in value-based predictive analytics. You’ll also learn:

  • Top predictive analytics trends
  • Three major obstacles to scaling up predictive analytics
  • Case study of how to use predictive analytics to answer key business questions
  • Four steps to overcome obstacles in enterprisewide deployment
  • Success factors and practical steps for a global predictive analytics capability