The World-Class Performance Advantage: Why World-Class HR Costs 23% Less and Requires 32% Fewer FTEs

Is Your HR Organization Close to World-Class Performance? Learn Key Benchmarks and Actionable Steps to Close the Gap

World-class HR organizations have an undeniable performance advantage. They significantly outperform their peer group in HR service delivery cost and productivity, operating at 23% lower cost and with 32% fewer FTEs. For a typical company with $10 billion in revenue, attaining world-class performance represents as much as $14 million in potential savings annually.


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The Hackett Group helps companies significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. We objectively measure business performance and provide fact-based transformation plans for achieving and sustaining world class, based on data and analysis from more than 13,000 benchmarks. For the typical Global 1000 company, this could mean as much $302 million in cost savings and more than $3.2 billion in working capital.

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