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Quickly Assess Your Technology Organization

Is your company making the right technology investments to differentiate and grow your market offerings? Are you concerned about underspending on key technologies or lagging behind your peers on technology and digital innovation?

The Hackett Group invites you to participate in the Operational and Product Technology Performance Study and gain key insights into how well other organizations from your industry are leveraging technology to drive and grow their business.

Participate in our study and you will be able to:

  • Evaluate your overall level of technology investment in your company’s products and services
  • Gain insight into staffing levels and associated costs
  • Assess how well your technology organization is adopting key best practices

This study is intended to capture high level cost, headcount and performance data for Product Technology in your company. Product technology refers to the technologies that are directly supporting your company’s revenue-generating activities, e.g. for a software company, this refers to the technology resources and systems involved in the design, development and support for their software products.

Benefits of participation

  • All participants will receive an output of the study results across participants from your industry, detailing staffing levels, cost drivers, and overall performance.
  • Please complete the questionnaire to receive the most benefit from this study
  • The Hackett Group’s Operational and Product Technology Performance Study is open until August 14, 2019 at no cost to participants.


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