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The Hackett Group's objective is to generate superior value for our clients, shareholders, and associates by delivering outstanding executive advisory services, maintaining a strong business model, and practicing a disciplined operating philosophy with an eye on operational excellence. We develop new business advisory services that help clients maximize value from their technology investments and achieve world-class performance. Through strategic acquisitions and ventures, we are creating new revenue channels with excellent growth potential.

View The Hackett Group's (HCKT) stock price on the NASDAQ Web page or you can obtain the latest quarterly report or annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission via EDGAR or by contacting The Hackett Group's Investor Relations group.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When is the next earnings release date? The Hackett Group's Q1 2017 earnings release is scheduled for May 2017.
  • When did The Hackett Group go public? At what price? The Hackett Group, fka Answerthink, Inc., went public on May 28, 1998 at $13 a share.
  • What is The Hackett Group's ticker symbol and what exchange does it trade? The symbol is HCKT and is traded on NASDAQ.
  • What year was The Hackett Group incorporated and in what state? The Hackett Group, fka Answerthink, Inc., was incorporated on April 24, 1997 in the State of Florida.
  • Who are The Hackett Group's independent accountants? The Hackett Group's independent accountants are RMS US LLP
  • Who is The Hackett Group's transfer agent and registrar? The Hackett Group's transfer agent and registrar is in Computershare Trust Company, N.A. Providence, RI +1 877-373-6374

Analyst Coverage

The following firms have issued analyst reports on The Hackett Group. This listing does not constitute an endorsement of materials, projections, or opinions prepared by these analysts.

Barrington Research Associates, Inc.

Vincent A. Colicchio, CFA
161 N. Clark Street, Suite 2950, Chicago, IL 60601
+1 312 634 6362

Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC

George Sutton
222 South Ninth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402
+1 612 334 6331

Griffin Securities, Inc.

Morris Ajzenman
17 State Street, New York, NY 10004
+1 646 442 1442

Roth Capital Partners

Jeff Martin
CFA, Director of Research & Senior Research Analyst
+1 949 720 7184

Annual Reports

Fiscal Year 2016 File
2016 Annual Report pdf
2017 Proxy Statement pdf

SEC XBRL Filings

Fiscal Year 2016 - Q4 File
Q4 2016XBRL Instance xml
Q4 2016XBRL Schema xml
Q4 2016XBRL Calculation xml
Q4 2016XBRL Definition xml
Q4 2016XBRL Label xml
Q4 2016XBRL Presentation xml

SEC Insider Filings

Periodically insiders are required to report changes in their beneficial ownership of The Hackett Group, Inc. securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Insider filings are reportable on Form 3 (INITIAL STATEMENT OF BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP OF SECURITIES), Form 4 (STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP), and Form 5 (ANNUAL STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP).

Investor Presentations

Featured Videos

FedEx Tech Connect

Learn how Jay Cofield, Vice President of FedEx Tech Connect, is using the Hackett Performance Exchange™ to drive improvement.

NASDAQ Opening Bell

NASDAQ Opening Bell

Ted A. Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of The Hackett Group, Inc., presides over the opening bell to celebrate the company's rebranding.