Enterprise Applications Implementation Overview

How Do Your Technology Priorities
Compare to Your Competition?

62% of companies rank implementing enterprise application systems as a top priority. We help organizations implement and integrate the world’s leading software solutions.

Enterprise applications that impact your business

Our alignment with proven best practices means your organization can immediately realize the benefits of significant cost reduction and performance improvements. We provide Digital World Class® insights into what is possible.

Featured Insight

Information Is More Timely, More Available Through an Integrated Close

In the ever-changing business environment where the definition of timely information is measured in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks, pressure is growing on accounting to close the books quickly. Based on technical improvements and increased data availability, companies have an opportunity to transform the close process as never before.

Flexible platform options

Traditional software platforms have evolved to offer on-premises, hybrid or cloud to better meet the needs and scalability of the business. We offer implementation and support services for deploying and maintaining your enterprise applications to meet the unique requirements of your business environment and industry.


Develop strategies, roadmaps and architecture.


Assess, define and recommend based on client need.


Create strategy and integration framework to ensure maximum benefits.

Maximize the return on your investment

The Hackett Group’s Digital Transformation Platform, our Intellectual Property as a Service® offering, aligns application functionality with Hackett-Certified® best practices and configuration guidance to accelerate implementation and improve business outcomes.

Generate More Value from Your Enterprise Applications