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Talent development and certification program for driving Digital World Class performance

Learning and development is imperative to cultivating a high-performing team with the mindset and the capabilities to deliver knowledge-centric services.

To achieve the significant performance improvement benefits of digital transformation, organizations need to transform their workforce into one with new and critical skills – including agility, data and technology savviness, analytics, service design, creativity, versatility, critical thinking, business acumen, and customer focus.

Our curriculums are based on The Hackett Group’s proven experience and unmatched intellectual property derived from our Best Practices Intelligence Center. Your professionals learn how to apply Hackett-Certified® Best Practices to achieve Digital World Class performance.

Our professional education allows business professionals to develop fundamental skills and knowledge, and maintain accreditation through ongoing professional development and membership programs:

Dynamic, flexible learning on demand

We make learning easy, flexible and accessible to optimize professionals’ time. Courses are delivered via a dynamic online platform that integrates multimedia elements and allows for a self-guided pace. Learning activities are practical and thought-provoking. Turnkey training solutions include ready-to-use bundled solutions, while still allowing options for customization.

More than 450 companies globally have elevated talent development by participating in The Hackett Institute’s training and certification.

Training Investment ROI

Higher Training Investment Contributes to 49% Lower Recruitment and Staffing Process Costs

Digital World Class® organizations are both more efficient and more effective in developing people and skills.

10 Characteristics of Digital World Class® GBS Organizations
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10 Characteristics of Digital World Class® GBS Organizations

The Hackett Group has identified 10 characteristics of Digital World Class global business services (GBS) organizations that permit them to deliver more business value at higher levels of operational efficiency, creating competitive advantage.

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