Our Research Shows Gen AI Could Increase Human Productivity by 44%

Understand the Impact of AI on Your SG&A Costs

There’s a tremendous amount of hype in the market around generative AI, and a lot of confusion over its potential impact on cost and staffing. The Hackett Group® quantified for the first time in the industry the true impact that generative AI will have in the next five to seven years on SG&A, including finance, procurement, human resources, information technology, marketing, sales and other functions.

Generative AI Could Reduce SG&A Costs

Now is the time to educate management on the capabilities, limitations of the technology, relevant policies and potential impact on staffing, assess how generative AI can be adopted in your organization, and partner with technology and/or digital automation teams to take full advantage of generative AI’s capabilities.

Download The Hackett Group’s insightful generative AI analysis to learn:

  • Results of the first research on the impact generative AI will have on SG&A costs
  • The Hackett Group generative AI value impact assessment model
  • How generative AI will be adopted
  • Steps your organization should take now
  • What is generative AI model