Cloud Services

Cloud Enables AI Opportunities

The convergence of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting how businesses operate and redefining what’s possible. Cloud services provide the essential infrastructure for AI applications, supplying the computational strength and data storage required for implementing and deploying AI models.

Chart Your Course for Cloud Implementation

Our experts can help with your information technology (IT) strategy and optimizing your cloud services for both AI and traditional workloads. While many executives are buying cloud services to enable AI, others want help navigating the complexity and a rapidly evolving market. Whatever your challenge is, we know how to maximize the value from cloud services.

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Key Cloud Adoption Challenges

How to Overcome Five Key Cloud Adoption Challenges

The arrival of cloud solutions revolutionized modern technology – providing unprecedented advantages in business scalability and adaptability – and expedites the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI.

Implement cloud services with confidence

Our experts can plan and execute your cloud strategy knowing your path forward is grounded in the most comprehensive empirical set of cloud data and Hackett-Certified® best practices.

Cloud Application Managed Services

Run vital applications and business optimally – 24/7. Drawing on deep cloud functional and technical skills and expertise across a wide range of enterprise applications, we help your business thrive 365 days a year.

Cloud Transformation

Assess cloud and AI readiness, define cloud architecture and strategy, plan cloud migration, and optimize costs through cloud financial management.

Cloud Value Assessment

Get a detailed assessment and recommendations – based on more than 100 cloud value and performance metrics – delivered within weeks.

Enterprise Application Implementation

Use our expertise, resources and guidance for implementing cloud-based enterprise applications to elevate your IT strategy and drive digital transformation.

Why choose The Hackett Group?

Intellectual capital

Insight from analyzing our in-depth benchmarking repository allows us to expedite your digital transformation. You benefit from practices that run the world’s best businesses, not just individual experience.


We’ve quantified business value – calculated using our unmatched benchmarking data – and correlated business practices with superior performance, allowing us to pinpoint the best opportunities for performance gains.

Technology know-how

Our deep technology experience spans across all cloud services. Whether you have one platform or take a hybrid approach, we have the expertise you need to keep them running optimally.

Exclusive assets to fuel your digital transformation

Leverage our proprietary enablement tools – based on our unique intellectual capital – to chart your improvement course, monitor progress and quantify value.

Accelerate your cloud services implementation. Here’s how:

Cloud adoption is a strategic shift in technology architecture – one that sets the stage for AI technologies. This makes cloud services a fundamental part of any IT strategy and road map.

Our unparalleled business benchmarking resources allow you to compare your organization to peers, Digital World Class® companies and top performers. Our cloud services use metrics across five key domains that drive optimal value from the cloud. As a result, you see where cloud adoption could have the greatest impact.

Our analyses provide a stringent, data-driven means of designing the cloud journey that is right for your organization. You can develop strategies, prioritize initiatives and allocate resources to cloud optimization projects with confidence that your plan is grounded in the most comprehensive cloud metrics available.

To maximize value, you will need to cut through the complexity and navigate a continuously changing environment. We have the experience to help with that. We understand common pitfalls and roadblocks to optimizing the benefits of the cloud and can guide you around those so you deliver the continuous improvement you are targeting.

Leading companies continuously look for ways to increase the benefits of being in the cloud. That’s a best practice your company will want to follow, too. We make that possible with the world’s largest online repository of empirically proven best practices, performance metrics, implementation and tracking tools, and associated research and events.

Let us map your cloud transformation journey