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Maximize the Benefits of Being in the Cloud

In The Hackett Group’s 2021 Global Cloud Services Study, organizations surveyed currently have a median level of 40% of their technology infrastructure in public clouds. In two to three years, they expect this to rise to 70%.

The cloud brings new possibilities – but also new challenges

Agile, digital businesses unlock new levels of performance through cloud-enabled operating models. These organizations haven’t just accelerated cloud migration – they have an information technology (IT) strategy with cloud-first rules for new technology deployments.

But in our experience, complexity and a continuously evolving market prevent many organizations from maximizing business value from the cloud. Companies are buying cloud services in a multitude of ways – including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – without fully grasping the total cost involved or whether the cost and strategy are right for their needs.

As the goal moves higher, the gap gets bigger. Key performance indicators show improvement levels averaging 40% in target areas. Top performers surpass these gains by an average of 15 percentage points.

– Source: Global Cloud Services Study, The Hackett Group, 2021

Our cloud services drive performance improvement at an accelerated pace

You can plan and execute with confidence with cloud services from The Hackett Group – knowing your path forward is grounded in the most comprehensive empirical set of cloud data, metrics and best practices available.

Cloud advisory program

This unique 24-month membership program provides an expert guide, upfront assessment and unlimited digital access to our intellectual property around cloud optimization.

Cloud value assessment

You get a detailed assessment and recommendations – based on more than 100 cloud value and performance metrics – delivered within weeks.

Cloud transformation

With experience that spans every facet of cloud transformation, our consultants can help you assess cloud readiness, define cloud architecture and strategy, plan cloud migration, and optimize costs through cloud financial management.

Enterprise application implementation

We can provide expertise and resources for implementing cloud-based enterprise applications to elevate your IT strategy and drive digital transformation.

Cloud application managed services

Drawing on deep cloud functional and technical skills, as well as expertise across a wide array of enterprise applications, we keep vital applications – and businesses – running optimally 24/7/365.

We take a broader view. Our cloud services assess performance and help answer key questions across five critical domains that drive value: Financial, Governance, Performance, Security, and Strategic/Architecture.

Featured Insights

The State of Cloud Adoption by the Numbers

The State of Cloud Adoption by the Numbers

Our Global Cloud Services Study surveyed more than 1,000 organizations to assess business value created by moving on-premises technology infrastructure to the cloud and identifying best practices for maximizing value.

Why trust your cloud journey to The Hackett Group?

Unmatched intellectual capital

Our repository of empirical data – drawn from our Cloud Services Study and more than 23,200 business benchmarking studies – allows us to expedite your cloud journey. Benefit from practices that run the world’s best businesses.

Value obsession

We’ve quantified business value – calculated using our unmatched business benchmarking data – and correlated business practices with superior performance, allowing us to pinpoint the best opportunities for performance gains.

Technology-agnostic mindset

We know how to enable peak performance, can help select the best technology or platform, and implement solutions that accelerate measurable value and achieve business goals.

Exclusive assets

Leverage our proprietary enablement tools and resources – based on our unique intellectual capital – to chart your next steps, monitor progress and quantify value.

Top performers migrate 56% more application types than their peers, which speaks to more ambitious agendas at their organizations.

– Source: Global Cloud Services Study, The Hackett Group, 2021

Exclusive assets to fuel your cloud journey

Knowing that you are following mileposts planted by others can instill confidence in the outcome. Here are some exclusive assets from The Hackett Group that can aid you along the way:

The Hackett Group’s global cloud services study

Enables unparalleled benchmarking with data from more than 1,000 organizations – globally and across industries – and 2,500 migrated applications.

Cloud advisory accelerator

Uses empirical data from the Cloud Services Study to assess and compare Cloud Advisory Program members across five key domains.

Cloud value assessment

Produces a detailed benchmark assessment of more than 100 value and performance metrics, providing insight for mapping your cloud journey and accelerating value.

Quantum Leap®

Accelerates the time to insight by automating more than one-half of the activity required to prepare benchmarking analyses, and provides tools for tracking initiatives and benefits.

It’s time to accelerate your cloud journey. Here’s how:

Cloud adoption is a strategic shift in technology architecture – one that creates business value across the operational spectrum and sets the stage for an as-a-service delivery model. This makes it a fundamental part of any digital transformation strategy and road map.

Our unparalleled business benchmarking resources allow you to compare your organization to peers, Digital World Class® companies and top performers in our Cloud Services Study. Our cloud services use metrics across five key domains that drive optimal value from the cloud. As a result, you see where cloud adoption may have the greatest impact.

Our analyses provide a stringent, data-driven means of designing the cloud journey that is right for your organization. You can develop strategies, prioritize initiatives and allocate resources to cloud optimization projects with confidence that your plan is grounded in the most comprehensive cloud metrics available.

To maximize value, you will need to cut through the complexity and navigate a continuously changing environment. We have the experience to help with that. We understand common pitfalls and roadblocks to optimizing the benefits of the cloud and can guide you around those so you deliver the continuous improvement you are targeting.

Leading companies continuously look for ways to increase the benefits of being in the cloud. That’s a best practice your company will want to follow, too. We make that possible with the world’s largest online repository of empirically proven best practices, performance metrics, implementation and tracking tools, and associated research and events.

Are You Ready to Realize Greater Business Value From the Cloud?

The Hackett Group’s cloud services can help you accelerate the journey so that your organization realizes objectives faster, with greater value.