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Enterprise Resource Planning

Revolutionize Your Business Processes

How can your business grow smarter, faster and more reliably? Cloud-based enterprise solutions allow you to benefit from increased agility, informed decision making and greater productivity – without a large upfront investment.

<strong>Revolutionize Your Business Processes</strong>

Integrate Your Company's Enterprise Data

World-class companies use ERP systems as data repositories to manage and gain insight into their day-to-day business activities. The result? Improved efficiency, increased collaboration, lower costs and better insight into accounting, procurement, supply chain and project management activities.

We implement the world’s leading ERP solutions.

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Assess readiness for cloud migration

World-class companies leverage the cloud to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, achieve growth and position themselves for the future. The Hackett Group’s cloud readiness assessment is a simple, four-step process that will lead your strategic roadmap to the cloud. The assessment will result in one of the following migration options:

Maximize the Return on Your Investment

The Hackett Group’s Digital Transformation Platform, our software-as-a-service™ offering, aligns application functionality with Hackett-Certified® best practices and configuration guidance to accelerate implementation and improve business outcomes.

What Makes the Difference?