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Beschaffung aktuell (DACH): Digital Transformation: The Next Level of Indirect Procurement,”

In German. Within just one year, Christian Karnau, Head of Indirect Procurement at the sports e-commerce and technology platform Signa…
Jul 13, 2023

CFO, “Inventory Adjustment Required: Working Capital Scorecard 2023

Cautious retailers, higher costs, and well-functioning supply chains forced industries to rethink inventory levels. With insights from The Hackett Group’s…
Jun 20, 2023

CFO Dive, “Suppliers gained clout as DPO dipped: Hackett

The number of days payable outstanding — a key gauge of cash flow health — fell 8% last year or…
Jun 15, 2023

CFO, “Working Capital Scorecard 2023: Supplier Clout Limits Liquidity Boost, “

Shorter days payable ate into the gains from improved receivables and inventory management, according to new research from The Hackett…
Jun 14, 2023

The CFO, “Is business transformation leading to CFO burnout?”

The role of the CFO has evolved from analytical ‘bean counter’ to major decision maker. How do CFOs continue to…
Jun 12, 2023

Wall Street Journal CFO Journal “The Morning Ledger: Big U.S. Companies Took Less Time to Pay Suppliers in 2022

Large U.S. companies took less time to pay their suppliers last year as many of them hit a ceiling on…
Jun 4, 2023

TD Magazine, “Myriad Talent Challenges Require Digital Capabilities,”

Talent teams need to upskill leaders, employees, and themselves.. That seems to be what employers are demanding of leaders, employees,…
Jun 1, 2023

Human Resources Director, “Digital workers want more say over hybrid work,”

Employers urged to respond ‘thoughtfully’ to prevent losing staff. With insights from The Hackett Group’s Anthony DiRomualdo.
May 14, 2023