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Get the latest news on The Hackett Group & learn more about business transformation, cash flow management, cost reduction & shared services strategies.

CIPHR.com (UK) “Eight key HR trends for 2019”

Between the introduction of gender pay gap reporting and the GDPR, and the myriad factors affecting individual organisations, 2018 has been a busy year for HR teams. And the profession is set to face an even greater variety of challenges in 2019: here are eight that our panel of experts have picked as the ones […]

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HR.com, “Improve your Payroll Process and Prepare for the Future”

With The Hackett Group’s Felicia Cheek. “The Hackett Group’s Global Payroll Performance Study captures data on a wide range of cost and productivity metrics. Key focus areas include organization, governance, service delivery, technology, data and analytics and talent. The 2018 study finds that payroll is becoming more efficient and improving its operations. However, at the […]

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CFO Webcast, “How to Build a Finance Team of the Future,”

A Webcast featuring The Hackett Group’s Jeff Nourie & Matt Gehr. “As companies devote increasing attention to automating tasks that traditionally have been the domain of finance, CFOs are taking on greater responsibility for raising the value of their finance teams to their companies. Instead of relying on manual processes to generate financial reports, the […]

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