Executive Advisory

One of the Biggest Challenges in Any Improvement Journey Is Staying on the Right Course

Our Executive Advisory Membership Program connects you with seasoned experts who have guided many organizations on similar paths. Think of it like having an experienced guide who will help you select the right equipment to complete the trek and be there for you every step of the way to ensure you reach your destination.

We’re with you at every step of your journey

Our experts will work with your team to develop a customized plan for engaging your team and ensuring that they have access to relevant program assets at the right time. Your advisor will check in to review progress and make sure the plan is moving forward.


Global business services

Human resources

Information technology



Cloud Advisory


Enterprise performance management and business intelligence

Global time-to-pay


The advice and support from your advisors enabled our shared services strategy and implementation. The value would have been $400K or above in consulting fees.

– Corporate Treasurer and Head of Transformation

Featured Insights

Featured Insight

The Hackett Group’s Executive Advisory Program

With a wealth of insight about the world’s best-performing businesses, our goal is to help your organization become one of them. For over three decades, we have paired experience in effective change management with deep best practices and benchmarking data to help companies map and navigate the journey.

An experienced advisor + unmatched intellectual capital

Our expert guides help your team navigate our unmatched resources for all aspects of driving performance improvement – from vision, strategy and governance, to service management and delivery models.

Our experts work with your team to set the course and develop strategies for improving performance. Your advisors are there to drive and support your team as you implement change over time, proactively making recommendations, responding to inquiries as needed, and facilitating access to a wide array of member tools and resources:

  • Performance metrics, digitally accessible via our Quantum Leap® metrics monitor tool, to help you compare your performance with peers and Digital World Class® organizations
  • Insight about best practices employed by high-performing organizations and implementation frameworks that help you design and accelerate high-value improvement initiatives
  • A community of like-minded peers to exchange experiences, enabling you to learn from the best

The Executive Advisory Program is a wonderful source for benchmarks and best practices that helps influence thinking around key initiatives. The ability to discuss the issues we face and hear how our advisors see that issue from their perspective dealing with clients from across the Fortune 500 is particularly valuable. It doesn’t get much better than this.

– Chief Procurement Officer

How will your organization benefit?

Through the combination of your advisor and member resources, you have continuous, on-demand access to proven experience, fact-based perspectives, best practices, templates, and frameworks – in other words, insight that not only helps you plan with confidence but also create and maintain momentum during the journey to successfully reach your destination. This is tangible guidance that helps you:

  • Accelerate digital transformation and value realization.
  • Reduce consulting costs by empowering your team to take action with support and guidance.
  • Mitigate program risks.
  • Enhance knowledge and skills within your organization.
  • Minimize pitfalls and roadblocks to success.
  • Deliver initiatives with high-impact return on investment.