Global Business Services Executive Advisory Program: Do You Have Fact-Based Insight Into World-Class GBS Performance?

The Hackett Group’s Global Business Services (GBS) Executive Advisory Program is a membership-based service that provides access to our unmatched intellectual capital and infuses it with guidance and timely assistance from experts who have helped build world-class GBS organizations across every industry and business function.


It covers all aspects of managing a GBS organization, including:

  • Governance-learn the best practice models of world-class GBS organizations
  • Service management – see how world-class GBS and shared services organizations achieve business performance goals through service strategy, service supply and demand management, operations management and continuous improvement
  • Service delivery models in business services functions – gain insight into the strategic sourcing and location strategies and global delivery models employed by world-class GBS organizations

Unrivaled insight that drives performance optimization and global business services transformation

As an advisory member, you gain access to insight that can help your organization realize its objectives faster-with greater value:

  • Experts with real-world global business services planning and business transformation experience
  • World-class GBS metrics and business performance management tools
  • Analysis and insight into world-class GBS operations, published in our Book of Numbers® research series and research archive
  • Customized executive briefings
  • Peer interaction and learning opportunities

What makes the difference?

The Hackett Group’s Global Business Services Executive Advisory program is designed to guide executives responsible for delivering business services and shared services through critical and difficult decisions-GBS strategy, organizational structure and location, talent and cost reduction-in order to deliver value for the broader enterprise.

The program brings empirical research and seasoned veterans to bear-challenging and supporting you with external perspectives on what “good” looks like, pragmatic business best practices guidance and fact-based insight into how to get there.

Key deliverables:

  • Advisor access: Experts fulfill requests on demand for best practice insights, data and recommendations to support both planning and business transformation phases of your GBS initiatives.
  • Facilitated briefings: Customized, experts-led presentations or workshops to discuss key issues that impact your business.
  • Performance studies: This rolling series of topical and process-based surveys addresses key areas of interest to the GBS Advisory member community to assist with selecting the improvement initiatives that will deliver maximum benefits.
  • Best practice research: GBS Advisory members have access to objective, empirically based analysis and insight into the metrics and business best practices of world-class companies.
  • Peer interaction: Program members may participate in peer interaction events such as interactive webcasts and our annual best practices conference and leadership forum.