Finding the Right Outsourcing Consulting

While business process outsourcing can deliver significant benefits in efficiency and cost reduction, there can also be challenges and pitfalls associated with outsourcing. For enterprises considering outsourcing, partnering with the right outsourcing consulting firm can help to ensure that they yield the desired benefits.

The Hackett Group delivers superior outsourcing consulting services

The Hackett Group®, a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, offers advanced outsourcing consulting services that set us apart from conventional sourcing advisors. Across several key areas, The Hackett Group goes beyond conventional outsourcing consulting firms:

  • Focus. While traditional sourcing advisors limit their focus to getting the best price for the “deal,” The Hackett Group’s outsourcing consulting adopts a broader focus on optimizing process performance. Viewing the outsourcing initiative as a means to the end of improved process efficiency and effectiveness, The Hackett Group strives for an outsourcing solution that best balances ROI, speed to benefits, and risk mitigation.
  • RFP process. Conventional outsourcing consulting firms tend to employ a “procurement focused” RFP approach that’s highly structured and formulaic. Borrowed from the IT outsourcing sector, this methodology is poorly suited to the less mature markets for finance outsourcing, HR outsourcing, and procurement outsourcing. By contrast, The Hackett Group’s outsourcing consulting deploys a flexible RFP process that aims to quickly drive innovative solutions, in collaboration with providers.
  • Intellectual property. While traditional outsourcing consulting firms lean heavily on terms and conditions (T&C) and pricing databases and “mark to market” studies, The Hackett Group leverages its renowned benchmarking and business best practices database to drive a sourcing strategy that delivers measurable improvements in process efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Advisory team experience and expertise. Conventional outsourcing consulting firms are well versed in a highly routine procurement process. The Hackett Group delivers far more by combining deep experience and expertise in sourcing strategy and implementation with complementary expertise in process transformation and in core business functions like finance, HR, procurement and IT.

In total, The Hackett Group helps the client develop long-term outsourcing provider relationships that support the client’s progress toward world-class performance.

To learn more about The Hackett Group’s outsourcing consulting services, as well as our other performance-oriented solutions such as finance consulting, cash flow analysis, supply chain strategy optimization and more, contact us.