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The Dayforce® human capital management (HCM) platform can enable your company to implement the agile and differentiated approaches to managing your workforce that today’s environment requires. Through Dayforce’s partnership with The Hackett Group®, its customers can objectively assess current performance and identify improvement opportunities across human resources (HR) and payroll, while also gaining invaluable insights about HR trends.

Empowering people key to achieve Digital World Class® HR performance

Dayforce is a global leader in HCM technology and knows that engaged employees are a critical component of any company’s success. Dayforce HCM software combines payroll, human resources (HR), HR analytics, benefits, talent and workforce management in a single cloud-based application to simplify the complexity of today’s borderless world of work.

Cutting through complexity to deliver value

Modernize HR processes to increase accuracy and efficiency with Dayforce’s cloud-based suite of HCM software solutions.


Dayforce provides a modern pay experience. It’s always on and uses continuous calculations for modern and flexible processing and it’s architected for compliance in a global landscape. Enjoy a single user experience, no matter where employees live and work along with the simplicity of one vendor contract and support model worldwide. Dayforce offers payroll in over 200 countries and territories around the world.


Dayforce HR gives HR professionals, managers, and employees a single system all their HR information. Each employee has one record, so their teams have accurate, real-time data intelligently organized in a single place. Dayforce HR’s self-service features allow employees to view and update relevant information, while giving HR professionals the tools they need to protect confidential data. Best yet, Dayforce HR takes the data that employees and managers provide and delivers intelligent insights to help companies retain, engage, and delight their employees.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management is at the core of the Dayforce suite and can be used with or without Pay, HR, and Talent. Offering global Pay and Time/Attendance data on a single platform is the key differentiator, enabling continuous calculation and real-time workforce intelligence for more efficient and strategic decisions. Dayforce Workforce Management consists of 1) Time & Attendance 2) Advanced Scheduling (including Forecasting), 3) Task Management and 4) devices (e.g., Clocks, mobile) to capture time worked and time off.

Benefits Intelligence

Dayforce Benefits enables employees to enroll in benefit plans with guided support, side-by-side comparisons, and smart recommendations based on their individual needs, while giving administrators an easy system for developing their plan structure, and the ultimate tool for managing, forecasting, and adjusting plans for cost and usage improvements.

Talent Intelligence

Dayforce Talent is a full suite of talent acquisition and talent management solutions designed to empower organizations to efficiently, accurately and fairly attract, retain, and develop their workforce. Dayforce Talent utilizes the power of talent intelligence by combining end-to-end talent data with AI to provide valuable insights into various aspects of talent, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and take positive action in their talent management and recruitment strategies.

Advanced HR Analytics

Dayforce Reporting and Analytics provides real-time visibility into all HCM metrics and helps create intelligent experiences for employees and business powered by data-driven decision-making. As part of the core platform, all organizations have access to a library of 300+ turnkey reports, the Report Marketplace, simple tools to build their own custom reports, and the Analytic Data Connector which enables easy extraction of data from Dayforce. Dayforce People Analytics delivers advanced data analysis tools, intelligent support, and insights from our team of data scientists through turnkey customizable dashboards and KPIs.

Dayforce Wallet

Dayforce Wallet is a modern way to pay employees, giving them access to their earned wages at any time. It enables on-demand pay requests, off- cycle payments, and even regular payroll via Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard®. As an extension of Dayforce Payroll, net pay is continuously and automatically updated, keeping data up-to-date for a more confident submission, regardless of payment type.


We offer a rich portfolio of services including managed, implementation, training, and value-added consulting services. From staff augmentation to fully outsourcing, our spectrum of services allow you to focus on your core business and empower teams to effectively use and administer Dayforce, at the level of support they need.

Access unmatched HCM insights

How does The Hackett Group help Dayforce’s clients harness the full power of their HCM solutions? We are a trusted Community Partner of the Dayforce organization because our extensive research on Digital World Class enterprises has shown us what it takes to establish and sustain excellence in HR and other critical business functions.

In addition to our proprietary insights, The Hackett Group consultants can support Dayforce implementation teams with our deep expertise in workforce management and payroll system optimization. This can lead to accelerated time-to-value from your Dayforce applications.

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