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The value of business benchmarking is more than just knowing how well you perform – the true value lies in realizing quantifiable performance optimization benefits. And by including generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) in your operations, our research expects a 40% cost reduction and a 44% improvement in human productivity.1

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We assess each organization or process based on value relative to the cost to deliver services. Our approach considers both quantitative and qualitative metrics that empirically compares your performance to both your peer group and Digital World Class® performers. Our business benchmarking services include:


Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain, Executive and Corporate Services, SG&A



Account-to-Report (A2R) Processes, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Processes, Order-to-Cash (O2C) Processes, Plan-to-Deliver Processes, Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Processes

Learn how AI XPLR is revolutionizing business functions:

What makes the difference?

Digital World Class® benchmark data


Extensive database of AI solutions and hundreds of real-world use cases, including the tools and skills required


Comprehensive AI exploration and opportunity identification

From business benchmarking to continuous improvement

Quantum Leap®, our digital business benchmarking and continuous improvement platform, streamlines the benchmarking process, enabling you to cut your efforts by half while extending the power of benchmarking into a continuous process improvement capability. Our functional and process benchmarking services provide your executives with insight they need to drive performance improvement.

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