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We have an environment where people with passion, commitment and insight work together to fulfill ambitious goals. We are dedicated to work at the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity to meet our clients’ needs. This working style is how our values get translated into daily life, how clients experience working with us, how we deliver on our promises and build long-lasting relationships.

Our Culture

Our people and collective talent are what makes The Hackett Group the successful intellectual property (IP) consulting firm it is today and the way it will continue to evolve for the better. Although we share the same work-related goals, our backgrounds vary.

Every person within The Hackett Group offers their own unique perspective which diversifies our culture and strengthens our performance.

Leah Mariam Babu

Leah Mariam Babu

Fresh off my management studies, a zeal for an opportunity to continuously learn and experience…

Faisal Siddiqui

Faisal Siddiqui

I had multiple options available, and I chose The Hackett Group for its premium position…

Petra Maerz

Petra Maerz

The challenge of joining The Hackett Group in 2000 excited me. Helping to conquer the…

Karthik Inturu

Karthik Inturu

The Hackett Group has given me an opportunity to harness my capabilities. I was able…

Tiffany Hague

Tiffany Hague

I joined The Hackett Group because of the quality people who work for the firm…

Kritika Arora

Kritika Arora

My job at The Hackett Group has been very challenging. It leverages my knowledge, skills,…

Matt Douberly

Matt Douberly

After spending the first few years of my career with one of the Big Four,…

Janice Wang

Janice Wang

Being in hotel event management for over 15 years, I had been helping many corporate…

We Look for People Who Are:

Respectful and Collaborative

We look for individuals who foster a collaborative environment by encouraging other’s opinions and input in a professional and considerate manner. We collaborate with one another, with our partners, and with our clients.


The problems our clients face are complex; therefore we have to be imaginative and innovative.


We are utterly and absolutely committed to delivering the right solutions and avoiding the tempting compromises sometimes offered by deadlines, budgets, or politics.

Passionate and Thorough

Passion drives business success, our clients’ success, and therefore ours. We deliver rigorous, thorough solutions to meet client expectations.


We desire to hire the best and our commitment to inclusion across gender, race, age, religion, identity, and experience drives us forward every day.

Career Employee

I enjoy being a part of a diverse, global organization that supports cultural growth, sharing of differences and driving value for our clients.

Training and Development

The Hackett Group’s effectiveness is ultimately determined by our people. We place great value on ongoing training and development.

Professional Development Resources

Many of our practices maintain technology and development labs so that our implementation specialists can stay current on the latest software releases from leading vendors.

The Hackett Institute

Develops and delivers education programs through an online learning technology to improve the skills and knowledge of our people in key areas such as business strategy, smart automation, business best practices, cost optimization, global business services, and project management.

Business Skills Training

The Hackett Group’s effectiveness is ultimately determined by our people and their development. To that end, we place tremendous value on ongoing associate training via webinars, on-the-job learning, and one-on-one coaching.

On-the-job and peer networking offer our associates the ability to gain great insights from their colleagues while using current, live situations.

10 Reasons to Join our WORLD CLASS Organization


You’ll join creative, change-oriented thinkers. New ideas aren’t just encouraged, they’re expected at every level!


You’ll be empowered to take calculated risks and add tremendous value.


You’ll work with the best brands and the brightest people to maximize personal growth.


You’ll join a connected, supportive team that goes the extra mile for every member and every client.


No velvet rope here. Executive leadership is always accessible.


Your work environment is designed to enable self directed work that works for you and our clients.


We cut the red tape. You’re empowered to make BIG things happen here.


Your actions are guided by clear strategy, vision and purpose.


We do our homework. Everything we do is backed by our data driven Analysis and proven practices.


Your work will make an impact and affect real change for your clients and your team.

Interview Process

The Hackett Group aims to provide candidates with a thoughtful and respectful recruiting process that is focused on each candidate’s unique skills and experiences. We understand that the interview process offers our candidates a way to get to know us at The Hackett Group and for us to better understand the skillset and experiences our candidates bring to the table. Applicants should expect to meet our dynamic and accomplished consultants to gain a personal perspective of daily life at The Hackett Group.

After you apply to The Hackett Group and if there is an alignment with our current and future needs, our recruiting team will contact you to set up an initial virtual or phone interview. Assuming the virtual conversation is mutually beneficial, then we will set up additional virtual or phone interviews before ultimately bringing you in for a series of in-person or virtual interviews. These conversations will focus on your subject matter expertise, project management experience, client readiness, ability to be a leader in the firm and expert in the marketplace, as well as why you’d like to work at The Hackett Group and how The Hackett Group fits into your professional career plan.

The Hackett Group Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Hackett Group provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, citizenship or veteran status in all personnel matters including, but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs, recalls, terminations, use of facilities, and participation in all activities sponsored by The Hackett Group.

Contact Human Resources

You can contact our Human Resources department concerning career opportunities and other related matters at


The Hackett Group participates in E-Verify

Join Us @ The Hackett Group and Make a Difference!