Global Time to Pay Strategy

Today’s environment requires new, agile and differentiated approaches to payroll operations and the ability to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner. Yet most payroll functions remain largely localized and focus on processing transactions rather than centralizing and optimizing operations.

Accelerate your journey toward world-class performance

Based on our extensive research of world-class enterprises, we understand what it takes to establish and sustain payroll operational excellence. We view payroll as a strategic enabler of business performance management. And we apply that perspective as we work with payroll functions at many of the world’s leading organizations to define and measure their contributions and raise their capabilities, performance and – ultimately – value.

What makes the difference?

Our strategic global time to pay consulting services span the entire spectrum or workforce management and payroll processes.  We can provide the right combination of capabilities, resources, and approach to help you identify and adopt world-class capabilities and deliver maximum value from your payroll function:

Hackett’s Global Time to Pay Offerings
Three ways to partner with Hackett to achieve our Global Time to Pay Strategy

Our clients deliver value through the ability to:

  • Reduce costs and redirect savings to higher-value activities
  • Identify and mitigate global compliance risks
  • Drive workforce innovation
  • Collaborate in new and more effective ways with business leaders
  • Meet enterprise objectives for enhanced productivity and performance improvement