IT Transformation: Are You Enabling Enterprise Performance and Value?

The companies that are most successful at applying technology and unlocking the value of information to innovate their business models, products and services will dominate their industry in the future.

The shift in business growth strategies toward innovation-based growth compels companies to reallocate resources to higher-value activities. But given limited growth in budgets and increasing demands, this can only be achieved by improving efficiency.

The twin goals of complexity reduction and talent realignment drive reallocation of limited IT resources to high-value activities and can help boost IT contribution to the organization’s strategic business agenda.

Accelerate your journey toward world-class performance

With experience that spans every facet of information technology, Hackett Consulting® Unit can help you bring your vision to reality – redesigning your IT strategy, processes, organization and supporting technology in ways that deliver immediate and lasting value.

Our comprehensive strategic IT transformation consulting services include:

  • Integrating business and technology strategies
  • Redesigning IT service delivery models
  • Improving capabilities of IT organizations
  • Improving information management processes
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure investments
  • Improving ERP strategies and deployments
  • Developing IT outsourcing strategies
  • Procuring IT outsourcing services
  • Optimizing IT procurement and spending

What makes the difference?

Our consultants work with CIOs to address the entire range of these challenges and help steer the organization’s IT strategy toward creating a value-driven IT organization. We use proven business best practices to accelerate the development of world-class solutions and to link these solutions to the overall business strategies of the enterprise, for the greatest shareholder return.