eProcurement Services


The Hackett Group’s 2022 Key Issues Study found that cloud-based e- procurement suites will be among the function’s fastest-growing technologies in 2022. Is your organization on board?

Are you ready to leverage e-procurement to realize the benefits of Digital World Class?

What’s at stake?

In 2021, the most technology-enabled procurement organizations – the Digital World Class® – operated at a 25% lower cost than peers. They also delivered higher-value services. For example, they were 85% more likely to be viewed by stakeholders as taking a proactive approach to supply risk mitigation.

eProcurement solutions that accelerate the Digital World Class journey

We don’t just activate new technology. Our eProcurement services include:

  • Business process design
  • Change management and training
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Functional research and advisory services
  • Project management
  • System implementation
  • Sourcing and procurement best practices

To deliver maximum value from eProcurement technology, we emphasize:

  • Extensive stakeholder collaboration to build support and knowledge
  • Objectivity to ensure the right technology for your procurement operations
  • Customer success, based on your objectives and performance targets
  • Simplicity by using best practices and out-of-the-box functionality to reduce complexity
  • Value acceleration through use of proven tools and templates, including configurations built on best practices and prior experience
  • Sustainable benefits by managing change to maximize adoption
Featured Insight

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eProcurement Transformation
Complimentary Research

eProcurement Transformation: Accelerated Time to Value With Hackett, SnapLogic, and Coupa Winning Partnership

Procurement Transformation has been increasingly more focused on the transfer of old legacy processes to new, cloud-based technology across standardized processes. 

What makes the difference?

Our approach

We look beyond technology to the policies, processes, governance, organization and other dimensions that drive success. In other words, we make sure your organization can use eProcurement capabilities to work better and more efficiently.

Proprietary insight

Access our unparalleled intellectual property and proven performance improvement accelerators. This includes our proprietary Coupa Implementation Playbook, which will help you implement faster and realize value sooner.

Unrivaled expertise

Our experienced sourcing and procurement professionals possess 20+ years of experience and have guided hundreds of successful eProcurement initiatives in complex, global organizations – driving analytics, contracts, risk, supplier onboarding and more.

Our proven eProcurement partnerships mean greater value, delivered faster