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With AI XPLR™ we’re revolutionizing digital transformation using Gen AI. But it takes more than the right technology. Let our deep knowledge of Digital World Class® performance guide your journey.

We can help every step of your journey

Advancing digital transformation requires planning simultaneous changes to your operating model, core technology and workforce. We can identify needs and quantify potential benefits, develop strategies, and turn plans into action.

Generative AI Could Reduce SG&A Costs
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Our Research Shows Gen AI Could Increase Human Productivity by 44%

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Featured Insights

Digital transformation remains firmly in the top five priorities: 59% of companies have a major initiative planned for their GBS functions.

Source: Key Issues 2024, The Hackett Group

Why choose Hackett®?

Intellectual capital

Insight from analyzing our in-depth benchmarking repository allows us to expedite your transformation. You benefit from practices that run the world’s best businesses, rather than individual experience.


We’ve quantified business value – calculated using our unmatched benchmarking data – and correlated business practices with superior performance, allowing us to pinpoint the best opportunities for performance gains.


We know how to enable peak performance and can help select the best technology or platform, and implement solutions that accelerate measurable value and achieve business goals.

Exclusive assets to fuel your digital transformation journey

Leverage our proprietary enablement tools – based on our unique intellectual capital – to chart your improvement course, monitor progress and quantify value.

Architect your digital future

To turn strategy into results, follow our four-step process:

Our unparalleled digital assessment and benchmarking tools allow your company to compare itself to Digital World Class companies. We can evaluate functions, processes, best practices, staff skills and your technology stack, so you know which areas need attention.

Evaluating the talent required to carry out a successful digital transformation can identify any skills gaps and help management decide which gaps to fill – in-house or outsourced.

You can also understand how digital transformation could affect interactions with customers to ensure an optimal experience across every channel and touch point.

Our Digital Initiative Value Analytics (DIVA) approach is designed to analyze the cost, benefits and return on potential initiatives for business services – providing a stringent, data-driven means of prioritizing and segmenting your company’s digital transformation project portfolio.

In addition to skills in deploying and using digital technologies, flexibility and agility are characteristics Digital World Class companies look for in their workforce. We can help you envision yours.

To become Digital World Class may require adding or upgrading technologies. We have the experience to help with that. Our partner relationships with Oracle, SAP, OneStream and other technology providers allow us to deliver services and solutions to help your company achieve value from the digital transformation process.

In addition, our knowledge of proven best practices means that your organization can immediately realize the benefits of significant cost reduction and performance improvements when you begin the digital transformation of your enterprise applications – whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Change management, a critical component of any digital transformation, is built into all our frameworks and tool sets. In addition, people often need to develop new skills. The Hackett Institute® provides skills development courses using a next-generation e-learning platform.

Leading companies continue to search for ways to improve on their digital transformation achievements. That’s a best practice your company will want to follow, too.

For example, Digital World Class companies are 3X more likely to use advanced analytics. This enables them to meet or exceed ROI targets on more of their projects, be more successful at bringing innovations to market and achieve higher revenue growth.

Our Business Best Practices Intelligence Center™ is the world’s largest searchable online repository of empirically proven business best practices, performance metrics, implementation tools, and associated Hackett research and events. And it can be available at your fingertips.

Let us architect your digital transformation journey

We can guide you through all aspects of digital to maximize the return on your investments.