With AI XPLR™, You Can Jump-start Your Gen AI Journey

As demand for Gen AI technologies continues to rise, AI XPLR emerges as a vital tool for organizations seeking to thrive in the digital age. AI XPLR integrates The Hackett Group’s intellectual property to produce a process-level readiness assessment and roadmap unique to your business – in 30 days or less.

Identify, explore and assess your best opportunities to create value through generative AI and other AI technologies

Today’s organizations generate and benefit from an unprecedented amount of data. That’s why harnessing the power of AI is a must. Leverage these unique features of the AI XPLR platform:

Taxonomy Explorer

Take a deep dive into processes to visualize areas best suited for AI.

AI Effectiveness Tool

See the potential impact of AI on different aspects of operations.

Best Practices Process Flows

Identify processes where AI can be most effective.

Hackett AI Hubble

Design your AI solutions leveraging Hackett process performance IP.

Educational Resources and Case Studies

Deepen your organization’s understanding and proficiency.

100+ Pre-built AI Solutions

Jump-start your AI journey.

What makes the difference?

In-depth proprietary performance data in The Hackett Group’s benchmarking database


A comprehensive database of AI solutions and 200+ real-world use cases with information about the tools and skills required


Comprehensive AI exploration and opportunity identification

Generative AI
Featured Insight

Our Recent Research Shows That Gen AI Could Reduce SG&A Costs by up to 40%

There is a tremendous amount of hype in the market about Gen AI, but also a lot of confusion about how to unlock its potential.

Learn how The Hackett Group employs AI XPLR in our membership programs, benchmarking services and transformation consulting across business services functions:

AI is now an integral part of the journey toward Digital World Class® performance

Shape and accelerate your journey with AI XPLR