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  1. HR Strategy
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Human Capital Management

Realize the power of your employees

Modern HR capabilities differentiate your business by using the power of technology to deliver a collaborative, talent-centric and engaging experience. Backed by years of experience, we can help you assess your current systems and create efficient HR processes enabled by leading human capital management (HCM) tools.

Realize the power of your employees

Recruit, onboard and retain talent.

We implement and integrate the world’s leading HCM solutions – enabling you to move beyond disjointed systems and inefficient processes that hinder your organization’s ability to attract, recruit and retain employees.

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Assess readiness for cloud migration

World-class companies leverage the cloud to find and retain the best talent, increase global agility, and streamline payroll and other HR processes. The Hackett Group’s cloud readiness assessment is a simple, four-step process that will lead your strategic roadmap to the cloud. The assessment will result in one of the following migration options:

Maximize the Return on Your Investment

The Hackett Group’s Digital Transformation Platform, our software-as-a-service offering, aligns application functionality with Hackett-Certified® best practices and configuration guidance to accelerate implementation and improve business outcomes.

What Makes the Difference?