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Cost Reduction

Achieve sustainable cost reduction

While most companies continue to advance growth initiatives around customer focus and innovation, enterprise cost-reduction remains among the top three strategic priorities along with cash flow management initiatives. In our 2018 Key Issues Study, 69% of companies reported a major cost-reduction initiative – up from 65% in 2017.

Achieve sustainable cost reduction

How do the best do it?

Most companies approach cost reduction through staff reductions and discretionary spending freezes. Eventually, market pressures make these reductions hard to sustain. Our research has found that the strongest driver of sustainable cost optimization is a strategically designed service delivery model – one that purposefully and intelligently defines how certain work gets done, where, and by whom.

Are you taking the right route to sustainable cost optimization?

With deep, practical cost-reduction experience in many environments, we can provide advice and solutions grounded in empirical data and proven practices:

We can help you establish sound, sustainable cost-reduction strategies through:

The result is a sustainable approach designed for competitive advantage – in good economic times or bad.

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