Achieve Sustainable Cost Reduction

To negotiate the past few years’ volatile economic environment, organizations across all sectors pursued aggressive cost reduction and cash flow management initiatives-including reducing staff and IT costs and freezing discretionary spending wherever they could, as quickly as they could. Now, many are resuming their focus on growth.

Are you prepared to reverse recession-driven cost reduction strategies while maintaining an appropriate level of ongoing attention to cost optimization?

The Hackett Group Delivers Forward-Looking Cost Reduction Solutions

The Hackett Group is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm that provides cost reduction solutions across all major industries and all business functions.

Through extensive research and benchmarking, we have found that the strongest enabler of scalable, sustainable cost reduction is a strategically designed service delivery model that defines how certain work gets done, where and by whom. Furthermore, leading companies use strategies such as business process improvement programs, shared services centers and business process outsourcing to enable sound, sustainable business cost management.

Accordingly, we work with our clients to:

  • Conduct comprehensive cash flow analysis
  • Use business benchmarking to understand how top-performing companies structure and deliver key functions
  • Develop and execute a road map for cost optimization, including a service delivery strategy that creates the flexibility to adjust operating and cost structure quickly to the realities of your environment

Why Choose The Hackett Group as Your Consulting Partner?

The Hackett Group has a proven track record of success helping leading global companies address their key enterprise challenges, including business transformation, cash flow management and more. We have deep, practical implementation experience with cost reduction initiatives in many environments, and we provide advice and solutions grounded in empirical data and proven practices to deliver measurable, meaningful results.

Working with The Hackett Group, you get fact-based consulting and solutions, backed by our hands-on experience and our proprietary Best Practices Intelligence Center™ – a repository of process metrics, benchmark data and process and cost reduction best practices developed from more than 13,000 projects conducted at the world’s leading companies.

With offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia and clients in nearly 60 countries, our team can help you navigate global process transformation challenges. We have provided business advisory and executive advisory solutions to nearly 3,500 companies across the globe, including 93 percent of the Dow Jones Industrial Index companies, 86 percent of the Fortune 100 and 87 percent of the DAX 30-helping deliver more than $90 billion in sustainable cost savings and more than $25 billion in improved cash flow.