Digital Transformation Platform

Maximize the Return on Your Cloud Investment

The Hackett Group’s Digital Transformation Platform aligns cloud functionality with Hackett-Certified® best practices and configuration guidance, as well as benchmark metrics and best practice process flows to optimize the transformative value of cloud applications.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Companies are struggling with how to articulate the value of cloud solutions and link them to business improvements and value realization. Our Digital Transformation Platform guides organizations through three easy steps:


Assess current state performance against The Hackett Group’s benchmark metrics.


Prioritize best practices and build a plan to drive performance improvement and transform the organization.


Focus on business outcomes to accelerate implementation.

Improve Business Outcomes

Implementing best practices with enabling technology produces successful deployments of cloud technology and process change. Our Digital Transformation Platform increases efficiency by accelerating speed to value realization and improves effectiveness by helping organizations hit their performance targets.