The Hackett Group’s AI XPLR™: A Pioneering Generative AI Readiness and Opportunity Assessment

Quickly Identify and Assess AI Applications That Drive Business Value

The Hackett Group launches AI XPLR™, a readiness and opportunity assessment enabling companies to quickly and comprehensively identify AI opportunities to drive the greatest benefit across key business services, including finance, procurement, human resources and more.

Download The Hackett Group’s AI XPLR factsheet to learn more about this game changing assessment tool:

  • A taxonomy-based AI profile heatmap that provides a structured and visual method to assess the current state of AI readiness within the organization.
  • A pre-built AI effectiveness potential tool that offers insights into the potential impact of AI on different organizational aspects, aiding in readiness assessment.
  • Detailed best practices process flows that guide organizations in identifying and implementing AI solutions in processes where they can be most effective.
  • A built-in digital worker model allows for a task-level qualification of AI profiles, helping to pinpointing specific processes and tasks that can benefit from AI.
  • More than 200 pre-built AI-based solutions for a broad range of use cases across different business functions.