Global Business Services Transformation: Are You Taking the Right Steps to Drive Enterprise Performance Optimization and Value?

Despite the volatility and uncertainty of the past several years, adoption of leveraged services models – including shared services and global business services (GBS) models – has steadily increased, and the scale and scope of GBS operations have expanded globally. World-class GBS organizations have pushed the pace of shared services and now GBS transformation, taking more aggressive steps than their peers to employ best practices that drive operational excellence.

Hackett GBS Evolution Stage Model

According to our recent research, more than half of organizations remain at the lowest level of global business services maturity, in which the shared services concept is centered on a single function and focused on complexity and cost reduction, primarily related to transactional processes.

Where does your organization stand? And what can you do better to advance business transformation?

Accelerate your journey toward world-class performance

With experience that spans every facet of the GBS service delivery model, we can help you bring your vision to reality by redesigning your global business services strategy, processes, organization and supporting technology in ways that deliver immediate and lasting value.

Our comprehensive strategic GBS services promote business transformation by:

  • Aligning service delivery with corporate goals
  • Developing a new service delivery and strategic sourcing model
  • Identifying, evaluating and selecting the right sourcing partner and location
  • Delivering transition, transformation and cultural change initiatives
  • Deploying your organizational model and governance framework
  • Negotiating commercial terms and partner accountabilities
  • Refining and optimizing service management capabilities
  • Performing business process reengineering
  • Employing progressive talent management practices to attract and retain the right mix of skills
  • Assessing and improving GBS and partner relationship health, including baseline cost and performance

What makes the difference?

Our consultants work with executives who are responsible for delivering business services to guide their organizations toward value-driven shared services and global business services. We use proven business best practices that accelerate development of world-class capabilities:

  • Building leadership support
  • Fostering a performance-oriented culture and passion for continuous improvement
  • Understanding and satisfying the needs of internal customers
  • Utilizing technology to support processes—rather than the other way around
  • Developing skills and attitudes that can transform service organizations into centers of excellence

These practices help link global business services to your enterprise’s overall business strategies and goals with an eye toward delivering the greatest shareholder return.