Cash Flow Analysis

Preserving cash flow is currently the number one priority of CFOs, according to a recent analysis by The Hackett Group®. In a volatile business environment, there’s no substitute for cash. Despite the recognized need for cash flow, The Hackett Group has found that the typical company has a tremendous amount of cash unnecessarily tied up in working capital. Cash flow analysis can help locate the hidden vaults within your organization. As a crucial dimension of effective cash flow management, cash flow analysis can help free the cash you need to invest in new products and markets, pay down debt, and fund strategic initiatives.

The Hackett Group: your partner for cash flow analysis and management

The Hackett Group, a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, offers deep expertise and experience in cash flow analysis and cash flow management. Our working capital practice has more than 40 years of hands-on experience partnering with major global corporations to conduct comprehensive cash flow analysis and optimize working capital operations. Applying proven best practices, we have helped clients release billions of dollars of cash that was locked up in working capital.

Among the world leaders in process benchmarking, The Hackett Group can also work with you to baseline your current cash flow operations across a wide range of critical metrics, including cash conversion efficiency, days working capital, forecast accuracy, return on capital employed, and many more. Leveraging our renowned benchmarking database built on over 26,000 engagements with major companies worldwide, we can show you how your cash flow performance compares to peers and to top performers.

Our process improvement expertise extends across all the process areas that drive working capital performance, including inventory management (forecast-to-fulfill), accounts payable (source-to-settle), and accounts receivable (customer-to-cash). We also deliver the change management expertise that’s critical to turn good ideas into measurable results.

Combining our cash flow analysis and baselining services with our consulting on best practices and change implementation, The Hackett Group can put your organization on the path to operational excellence in all aspects of working capital management.

To learn more about The Hackett Group’s cash flow analysis services, as well as our solutions for other business needs such as procurement outsourcing, supply chain strategy, finance strategy, business cost management and more, contact us.