Business Process Outsourcing: Accelerate Your Path to the Benefits

When properly planned and implemented, business process outsourcing can substantially reduce costs – while maintaining or even elevating service quality and performance. But there are significant challenges and risks to navigate when establishing outsourcing arrangements.

Is your organization’s business process outsourcing strategy enabling operational excellence? And is it producing benefits at the level and pace you expected?

The Hackett Group can help you accelerate the benefits of business process outsourcing

The Hackett Group®, a leading global strategy and operations improvement consulting firm, can help you turn business process engineering and outsourcing challenges into tangible benefits. Make The Hackett Group your outsourcing consulting partner.

According to our research, few organizations that use a “lift and shift” business outsourcing approach – one that simply moves processes from high-cost to low-cost geographies – achieve the benefits they expected. Those that integrate outsourcing strategy with process transformation not only realize greater value; they can significantly accelerate the timetable for change and reduce the risks for all stakeholders.

Backed our proprietary Best Practices Intelligence Center™ – a repository of process metrics, benchmark data and process best practices developed from more than 13,000 projects conducted at the world’s leading companies – The Hackett Group can help you avoid common pitfalls by:

  • Developing a realistic time frame and plan for transitioning to outsourced services
  • Estimating transition costs accurately
  • Involving and communicating with internal customers to build support
  • Designing and staffing an effective governance structure
  • Obtaining appropriate software licenses
  • Anticipating and budgeting for additional service provider charges
  • Planning for and investing in ongoing performance improvement

Our expertise covers all business functions, including IT outsourcing, HR outsourcing, finance outsourcing, procurement outsourcing, and more.

Why choose The Hackett Group as your outsourcing consulting partner?

Drawing on years of experience working with major corporations around the world, The Hackett Group, as your outsourcing consulting partner can guide you through all stages of business process outsourcing, including:

  • Designing an outsourcing strategy that fits your business model
  • Selecting an outsourcing provider
  • Negotiating a service contract
  • Planning and managing the transition to outsourced services

With offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia and clients in nearly 60 countries, our team can help you implement a shared services strategy to optimize performance in a complex global environment. We have provided strategy consulting and executive advisory solutions to nearly 9,100 companies across the globe, including 97% of the Dow Jones Industrials, 89% of the Fortune 100, 70% of the DAX 40 and 55% of the FTSE 100, helping deliver more than $90 billion in sustainable cost savings and more than $25 billion in improved cash flow.