Press Coverage


Supply & Demand Chain Executive, “Inventory Management Issues Impact Working Capital,”

After a slowdown of growth in days payables outstanding over the last two quarters, DPO fell by 1.1% in Q2,…
Nov 14, 2022

Wall Street Journal, “Rising Rates Boosts Companies’ Focus on Working Capital Management,”

Finance chiefs are aiming to free up cash from their operations as the cost of credit increases. With insights from…
Nov 6, 2022

Technology Magazine UK, “Cloud study quantifies business value beyond cost”

Research by The Hackett Group found benefits such as increased innovation, faster time to market and enhanced cybersecurity
Oct 25, 2022

Digitalisation World UK, “Quantifying cloud value”

Cloud is quickly becoming the corporate norm, and is being used by companies to drive dramatic improvements beyond cost and…
Oct 25, 2022

The Purchaser, ‘Building sustainable procurement’

Should you build a sustainable procurement programme? The Hackett Group’s Nicolas Walden details why now is the time. A bylined…
Oct 12, 2022

CIO(DACH): “Legacy Migration: Cloud is becoming the standard platform for IT“

In German. Companies around the world are accelerating their efforts to move applications and IT infrastructure to the cloud, observes…
Oct 11, 2022

Cloud Tech, 70% of tech infrastructure will be cloud-based within three years

70% of tech infrastructure will be cloud-based within three years, according to new research from The Hackett Group.
Oct 6, 2022

CFO, “Supply Chain Pressures Keep Inventories High in Q2,”

Coverage of the Q2 update to our working capital survey. Inconsistent lead times and shipping delays force companies to maintain…
Sep 27, 2022

Wall Street Journal, “Retailers Face Pressure to Offer Discounts While Battling Inflation,”

Inconsistent lead times and shipping delays force companies to maintain inventory buffers, according to a Q2 update to The Hackett…
Sep 23, 2022

CIO(DACH): “How companies are getting through the Crisis successfully“

In German. In this bylined article, Georg Bach discusses seven actions to survive the crisis successfully, following our “Preparing for…
Sep 20, 2022

ICVBlog (DACH): “Georg Bach about the increase of the prime rate“

In German. Georg Bach is interviewed on the prime rate increase and its risks and chances. Text available on request.
Sep 12, 2022

Supply Chain Magazine, ‘It’s called ‘value chain’ for a reason’

Organisations that draw on supplier innovation fare better than those that don’t. Featuring insights from The Hackett Group’s Nick Walden.…
Sep 1, 2022

Procurement, “Benchmarking in procurement 101,”

In an era of disruption, benchmarking is a vital tool for procurement to understand where their operations sit when compared…
Sep 1, 2022

Supply Chain Digital, ‘Top Ten: Ways to protect supply chains from Ukraine war’

As the Ukraine war grinds on, the Hackett Group’s Nicolas Walden discusses how to mitigate against disruption to energy, commodities,…
Aug 23, 2022

BenefitsPro, “The great digitization: How streamlining HR processes impacts the bottom line,”

It’s about making sure all systems and platforms are fully integrated, driving higher productivity and reducing the strain on already…
Aug 17, 2022

Wall Street Journal, “Companies Review Capital Budgets for Savings in Uncertain Economy,”

Chief financial officers are looking for potential cuts after a recent increase in capital spending. With insights from The Hackett…
Aug 15, 2022