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ROUNDTABLE EVENT – Controller at a crossroads: Which route leads to the Valued Business Partner goal?

Tuesday, 31 May 2016  |  Solna, Sweden – Business Controllers provide value when they not only achieve high effectiveness in Controlling processes but also when they engage enterprise-wide with Business Management on critical themes and contribute to improvements in business performance by enabling better decision making.  Learn More

Exchange Summit Americas

June 7-8, 2016  |  Orlando, Florida
E-Invoicing Study – The Supplier Challenge: Tips for a Broader Enablement
The Hackett's Group's research shows that despite the significant benefits of E-Invoicing platforms most companies still struggle with transitioning the majority of invoices away from manual processes. Many buyers struggle with the initial supplier onboarding process. For success, coordination is required among multiple stakeholder groups, both at the supplier and the purchasing company. This session will focus on the reasons behind this challenge and the practices leading organizations are using to drive higher levels of invoice automation. This session will also give a summary on the results/findings of the latest 2016 P2P Key Issues study. Amy Fong, Senior Procurement Advisor, The Hackett Group, USA  Learn More

Exchange Summit Americas

SBN 2016 Conference

26-27 October 2016  |  Lillestrøm, Norway – SBN conference is an annual SAP User Conference hosted by SBN, SAP User Group Norway and Adfahrer, SBNs outsourcing partner. You will meet representatives of the largest SAP sales in Norway as well as consultants from the best SAP consulting companies. This year's conference features Keynote speaker, Tom Bangemann, Senior Vice President Business Transformation, The Hackett Group.

The conference program is relevant to all roles, both for business, IT and managers and superusers. By consolidating a conference you get a valuable insight into how technology can support and streamline operations. The conference program is prepared in collaboration with research groups within the different areas and executives from the top consulting firms in the market.  Learn More

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Webcast Replays

HOPE Webcast: Breakthrough Performance Dashboard for Finance Executives

Webcast showcasing a breakthrough performance dashboard for finance executives: The Hackett Oracle Performance Exchange (HOPE). This cloud-based solution brings together Oracle cloud analytics and unmatched benchmarking and world-class performance data from The Hackett Group.

Volatility is the Norm, Not the Exception: Sensitivity and Driver-Based Modelling

Many large companies face significant challenges dealing with the increased volatility and elements of the "New Normal". Organisations are heavily focused on improving accuracy and timeliness of information to enable improved decision-making, and on leveraging global standards, resources, and organizational models. Creating a flexible planning and modelling environment for end users takes forethought and strategic planning. Find out how volatile markets are driving world-class organisations to rethink the way they manage performance, set insight into best practices world-class companies are adopting and see real-life examples of how those best practices have been executed across information models and technologies.

Logistics Shared Service Centers: A Potential Solution for Cost Effective Supply Chain Management

Why are more organizations move toward creating logistics shared service centers? Find out how world-class shared services organizations saved more than 20% the past 12-24 months compared with their peers, and learn important s! trategies and tactics that drive world-class performance.

Case Study: Successful Integrated Business Planning

The economic downturn presented significant challenges and pricing pressure for a leading global consumer packaged goods company. Plagued with network over-capacity and poor fill rates and service levels, the company embarked on a business transformation journey to get a true understanding of the profitability of its product and customer portfolios.

Evolving Role of Finance in Sales & Operations Plannings

As organizations face continuing volatility, margin pressure, and enterprise performance expectations, finance has moved beyond reporting results to playing a key role in driving business performance. Savvy finance executives have taken the helm of S&OP, turning it into an integrated business planning (IBP) process that drives business and financial decisions in addition to synchronizing supply and demand.

Better Business Performance and Analysis

How effective is your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) organization? Does it provide timely and relevant insights for business performance management? Does it provide the predictive analyses needed to drive better business decisions?

Strategic Sourcing. Strategic Category Management Emerging Practices

In implementing strategic category management models, leading procurement organizations are deploying a set of common business best practices in areas of strategic sourcing, category strategy development and implementation, category governance, and category performance management.

Featured Video

Ted A. Fernandez - Digital Transformation is Here

Digital, Analytical & Operational Agility

Ted A. Fernandez, chairman and CEO of The Hackett Group, Inc., opened the 2016 North American Best Practices Conference with a discussion of how digital transformation requires companies to be even more agile and rethink the way they're doing business.

David Dungan - Embrace Opportunities of Digital Revolution

Embrace Opportunities of Digital Revolution

In closing remarks, David Dungan, chief operating officer of The Hackett Group, Inc., reflects on business developments of recent years and encourages delegates at the 2016 North American Best Practices Conference to embrace the opportunities of what is not just a digital transformation, but a "digital revolution."