Increase the return on your enterprise performance management investments and drive bottom-line benefits

Our research has shown that a core competency in enterprise performance management results in superior ability to manage margin: About two-thirds of top performers outperformed their industry – and none underperformed.

EPM Performance and Financial (Net Margin) Performance

Backed by our distinctive benchmarking and business best practices database, which captures empirical data gathered through our work with the world's leading companies, we help clients generate more value from their business performance management investments. We combine this insight with deep industry experience and expertise across finance, human resource, procurement, information technology and other back-office functions to guide greater value from enterprisewide efforts:

  • Better alignment between strategic, financial and operations plans
  • Timely access to accurate information
  • Faster and more effective decision making
  • Clear value creation opportunities
  • Bottom-line financial impact

Our enterprise performance management solutions span the entire life cycle – from strategy and process improvement to the right enabling technology through efficient ongoing application management support. With capabilities, resources and an approach centered on adopting world-class business practices, particularly with Oracle implementation and SAP implementation solutions, The Hackett Group delivers superior:

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