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2015 Business Key Issues Study Results – Find out what senior business executives are focusing on in 2015. Download Now:

Hackett Performance Exchange™

Performance StudiesWhere does your organization stand on its journey to operational excellence? Do you know which process improvement actions could have the greatest impact on performance today? The Hackett Group's Performance Exchange™ can help. Learn More

Best Practices

Business best practices, as defined by The Hackett Group, are proven, repeatable, documented techniques that deliver measurable business performance management improvements. Executives look to business best practices benchmarking to help them speed their progress toward enterprise performance management improvement, and to guide them around pitfalls that might otherwise slow or even halt their initiatives. Learn More

Hackett Technology Solutions

Hackett Technology Solutions, enables clients to optimize performance in major business areas and maximize returns on their technology investments across the enterprise. Whether it is assessing your current performance, implementing process improvements, optimizing your enterprise-wide system or applying technology solutions to business performance issues, our consultants can lead your company to breakthrough performance improvements and significant costs savings. Learn More

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ComputerWorld, "The top 10 U.S. locations for service centers,"

Outside of China or India, Syracuse, in upstate New York, may be the top location in the U.S. to establish a service center, according to new US Sourcing Guide research from The Hackett Group.

February 19, 2015 (UK), A rewarding journey on the road to automation

A bylined article by REL Associate Principal Guy Cabeke - Despite clear advantages, adoption of e-invoicing is still quite rare. This is largely due to misconceptions around the investment in technologies required and the perception of low ROI.

February 4, 2015 (UK), Seven Solutions for SMEs in Tackling Late Payments

A bylined article by REL's Jonas Schoefer - Delaying payments is a common tactic taken by large companies when trying to ease cash flow. However, it can lead to an array of problems for the supply chain; specifically small and medium-sized suppliers. This article explores the impact of this practice and provides advice for firms affected.

February 2, 2015

Beschaffung aktuell (DACH), "Sourcing Factory as Strategic Backup"

In German - A bylined article by SAP CPO Marcus Vollmer detailing their global shared services activities and transformation efforts. The Hackett Group's support for their work is also detailed.

February 1, 2015

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Digital, Analytical & Operational Agility

Ted A. Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of The Hackett Group, Inc., welcomes delegates at the 2015 North American Best Practices Conference. Watch Video

FedEx Tech Connect

Learn how Jay Cofield, Vice President of FedEx Tech Connect, is using the Hackett Performance Exchange™ to drive improvement. Watch Video

Performance Studies

Performance StudiesThe Hackett Group has created new measurement offerings to identify top performance at the business process level. These studies collect data about staffing, costs, transactional volumes and best practice utilization for each process. These studies can give you some comparative insights on your own company's performance versus top performance and will help you select the improvement initiatives that will deliver maximum benefits. Learn More