Certified GBS Professionals

The Certified Global Business Services Professionals program is a life-long learning and accreditation curriculum developed in collaboration with CIMA. Learn More

Best Practices

Business best practices, as defined by The Hackett Group, are proven, repeatable, documented techniques that deliver measurable business performance management improvements. Executives look to business best practices benchmarking to help them speed their progress toward enterprise performance management improvement, and to guide them around pitfalls that might otherwise slow or even halt their initiatives. Learn More

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CFO Webinar, "Taking Financial Reporting to the Next Level,"

Finance is paying more attention than ever to streamlining and updating financial reporting practices. Faced with pressure from different regulatory bodies, CFOs must be sure they understand the different requirements and standards and how they will affect their companies. After years of foot-dragging, the Financial Accounting Standards Board is taking action and, as a result, change is on the horizon. But new standards of financial reporting will mean little if a company's financial system is too clunky to crunch the data and make it palatable for investors. For decades, financial departments have struggled to revise one of the most significant of those processes: the close-to-report cycle. That has now moved to the top of CFOs' agendas, with many companies targeting the close process as a priority item for improvement. A Webinar with The Hackett Group's Sean Mullane.

December 14, 2015

CFO Webinar, "ROI w Corp Performance Mgmt (CPM) Improvements"

For an increasing number of organizations, corporate performance management (CPM) tools are enabling senior finance executives to integrate plans, understand where they're losing money, move from annual budgets to rolling forecasts, and identify opportunities for strategic improvements. A Webinar with The Hackett Group's Sherri Liao.

December 10, 2015

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Digital, Analytical & Operational Agility

Ted A. Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of The Hackett Group, Inc., welcomes delegates at the 2015 North American Best Practices Conference. Watch Video

FedEx Tech Connect

Learn how Jay Cofield, Vice President of FedEx Tech Connect, is using the Hackett Performance Exchange™ to drive improvement. Watch Video

Hackett Performance Exchange™

Performance StudiesWhere does your organization stand on its journey to operational excellence? Do you know which process improvement actions could have the greatest impact on performance today? The Hackett Group's Performance Exchange™ can help. Learn More

Performance Studies

Performance StudiesThe Hackett Group has created new measurement offerings to identify top performance at the business process level. These studies collect data about staffing, costs, transactional volumes and best practice utilization for each process. These studies can give you some comparative insights on your own company's performance versus top performance and will help you select the improvement initiatives that will deliver maximum benefits. Learn More