The Benefits of Business Benchmarking

For the enterprise striving to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness, business benchmarking offers several key benefits:

  • A business benchmarking exercise can spur an organization to more clearly recognize and better understand its current processes and procedures, making explicit what may have previously been implicit and calling attention to points of confusion or ambiguity.
  • Business benchmarking helps to make performance discussions within the enterprise more tangible and specific.
  • Business benchmarking shows how your operational performance compares to your peers and to industry leaders, and helps you identify the most promising areas for business process engineering initiatives.
  • The data from business benchmarking will help you build a compelling business case for change.

The Hackett Group delivers superior business benchmarking services

The Hackett Group®, a global strategic and operations consulting firm, is the acknowledged leader in business benchmarking services. Our best practice benchmarking helps propel clients to sustainable improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness. The Hackett Group’s benchmarking clients benefit from a range of exclusive service features, including:

  • Client-customized portals and data-validation tools that facilitate the collection of baseline data.
  • The world’s most comprehensive business benchmarking database. The Hackett Group developed this proprietary database through more than 26,000 benchmarking engagements with nearly 9,100 major companies worldwide, including 97% of the Dow Jones Industrials, 89% of the Fortune 100, 70% of the DAX 40 and 55% of the FTSE 100.
  • The Hackett Value Grid™, which shows how your baseline performance compares to your peer group and to world-class performers. World-class performance is defined to be top quartile performance in operational efficiency and effectiveness process metrics. The Hackett Group will help you identify and quantify your key performance gaps, spotlighting potential “quick wins” as well as longer term priorities.
  • Hackett-Certified® Best Practices – a vast repository of business best practices empirically proven to correlate with world-class performance. The Hackett Group has identified more than 2,050 best practices across nearly 100 process areas, insights that can speed your own journey to operational excellence.

The Hackett Group for all your business consulting needs

The Hackett Group’s premier business benchmarking and best practices database is available to our advisory program members as well as to our benchmarking clients. This exclusive intellectual capital also backs our consulting services for specific business needs such as finance strategy, IT outsourcing, supply chain consulting, global business services, and more.

To learn more about The Hackett Group’s business benchmarking services as well as our other services and solutions, contact us.